Rubiales, on finishing LaLiga: “We handle four scenarios”

Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation, appeared before the media after a meeting with David Aganzo, president of the Association of Spanish Soccer Players, and representatives of LaLiga. Summit that took place in Las Rozas and in which the decision was made to stop soccer in the First and Second Division due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The president of the RFEF started with a speech: “We thank all Spanish soccer, the modest, the feminine, the hall that in a difficult moment for Spanish society and sport are fully aligned with the federation. They have thanked us for the performance. Today we must be satisfied because soccer professional joins the path that the RFEF began. The health of people prevails over any decision. We have to give an image. It is very good that we give this image of union. Of course, a moment in which we have been in contact with FIFA and UEFA, Spanish football and CSD. We have our own protocol and that of health. We will work in all possible scenarios. We will give responsible responses. All Spanish football is being very supportive. “

Decision: · “We decided a few days ago that Spanish football would stop. As for the First and Second LaLiga there are elements of coordination and we wanted to invite and listen to LaLiga. Hopefully the dates can be recovered. We will work on all stages. On 25 March we will reassess the situation and a decision will be made. The RFEF continues 100% in its administrative activity. We will continue with full development. “

UEFA competitions: “There is talk of an imminent decision from the lower categories of international competitions. It is being talked about and it is imminent. I am UEFA vice-president, but it is up to them to make the decisions. I am in contact with Ceferín, we speak every day. working together. Any decision will be made from UEFA but sharing with all countries. We will have more global communications in the coming days. “

Player positives: “The positives are within a club discipline and it is they who have to offer them. It is not up to me to speak to certain people. We must try to put health above all else.”

LaLiga Final: “I think it is so important to work in all scenarios. There is no need to create uncertainty. On March 25 we will make more decisions. Depending on the level of difficulty, decisions will be made.”

National team friendlies: “It is the same stance. There are players affected because they have tested positive or are in quarantine. The players from Italy could not be called. Two of the most important leagues are very affected. We know that UEFA takes precedence over health, as does the RFEF. UEFA meetings are going to be important. “

RFEF Elections: “I have nothing planned. I am concerned about the coronavirus problem. At the administration level it is still 100% and the elections are an administrative act. We are going to focus on the coronavirus. Depending on the scenario.”

Eurocup: “It is what I have answered before. That decision does not only affect Spain. We are 55 member federations. Any decision of European competitions passes through UEFA. We are not the UEFA administration. We have to reflect calmly. It is hard, but all football is satisfied. We have opted for the path of health. Of integrity. If that time comes, there will be a time when you cannot play all the games. We are considering four different levels. We will have to work on how there are the ascents and descents … “.

Stage: “Footballers play with obvious physical contact. There are real risks. We will look for solutions when the time comes. There are many scenarios: players being quarantined, without an audience … It is a virus that is in the air and is It is contagious. We are all possible carriers in the future. Proportionate measures will be taken. If we are lucky and everything changes for the better we will make decisions so that all the games are played. For now we do not consider playing in the summer. The measures will be at the international level and It is a very complex question. With the Copa del Rey we are considering playing with the stadium full of both fans. I don't know if it is realistic or not today. Leaving the fans out would hurt us. The second option would be to play it behind closed doors. The third would be that it was impossible for any reason. The first option is the one that we are considering, but we will have to look for other formulas “.

Luis Enrique: “He wants everything to be solved in the best possible way and puts the health of the players above all else. The players cannot suffer the slightest risk. Meetings will be held next week. If we go to the Netherlands there may be problems transporting this virus. We are going to wait for UEFA to say it and from there we will communicate it. “

Ceferin: “We have talked a lot. If we act in a clear and direct, almost pioneering way, our behavior is a reflection of what we think and want. UEFA makes its decisions and we will respect. Above are the people.”

First and Second: “More than progressive there was a resistance. The League made another decision. To make decisions of this nature we have to speak through a Commission to adopt that decision. We knew of that resistance. They have joined the path marked by the Federation, which we understand is what more responsible”.

End the season or the Eurocup: “The priorities are people. If the same people compete in one competition or another there are no differences. You have to find a scoring formula. IF UEFA tries to finish the competitions it will do so guaranteeing health. We do not know what will happen. It is good news that people's health prevails. “