From a historic night to a holiday closure

What should have been a historic day for Getafe turned into a strange day and without substance. Getafe He was to play this Thursday at the legendary Guiseppe Meazza against Inter. It was his sixth matchup against a European champion and another chance to continue making history. But the Coronavirus left the sleep deferred and Geta went from glamor to silence. A training session behind closed doors and without the possibility of interviews, a rehearsal without a play to play, because not only had he not left in Milan, but LaLiga will not be played on Sunday either.

Shield / Flag Getafe

The wardrobe sensations were mixed. On the one hand and fundamentally, relief, for not having to travel to Milan. The thanks to the President for having stepped forward before anyone else and insuring your health above results or the economy has been imprinted on many team members. On the other hand, a great disappointment for missing what was another unique event for a group of players and a coaching staff who wanted to continue enlarging the legend after the feat of uploading to Ajax.

In the face of uncertainty, Bordalás chose to give a physical and psychological respite. A few days of vacation for back to work next monday afternoon. Then the plan will be evaluated knowing that it is difficult to know the date of the competition return.