Rubiales’ mother is discharged and leaves the hospital hand in hand with her son: “She had swelling in her legs”

Angeles Bejar has been discharged from the Santa de Motril Hospital on Wednesday night after being admitted urgently for an anxiety attack. The mother of Luis Rubiales She had been entrenched in the Divina Pastora church for three days to protest what she considers a public “hunt” against her son.

The suspended president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) picked up his mother at the gates of the health center, as reported by the Ideal. When she was taken to the hospital, she “presented significant swelling in her legs, possibly due to fluid accumulation, vomiting, dizziness and anguish, as well as severe physical discomfort.”

The family studies rotating to accompany Rubiales' mother in her confinement in Motril - Onda Vasca

Rubiales is suspended from his position due to the imposition of FIFA while the official procedures are taking place to define his future after kissing the soccer player without consent Jenni Beautifulduring the celebration of the final of the Women’s Soccer World Cup, last Sunday, August 20.

“My son is good and honest. I only ask that this girl tell the truth. Nothing more,” Ángeles declared this Tuesday to the media. Another part of the manager’s family, however, now has an opinion about him. “He has always been a man with a clear macho tinge, very arrogant, with attitudes typical of Torrente. (…) He is a man obsessed with power, luxury, money and even women. I think he needs a program of social reeducation,” declared his uncle Juan Rubiales in an extensive interview.