Jenni Hermoso, on the cover of the ‘Daily Telegraph’: “The World Cup winner laughs at the controversial kiss”

Luis Rubiales provided FIFA with a new graphic document to defend himself after the international federation itself suspended him for 90 days from his position in the RFEF. In the video, they appear Jenni Beautiful and the players of the national team, with the high of proclaiming themselves world champions, joking about the controversial kiss of Luis Rubiales to number ten of the Selection. Now, the international press echoes Jenni’s latest reaction. The champion occupies the cover of The Daily Telegraph.

The British newspaper publishes this Thursday, August 31, Jenni Hermoso’s reaction to Rubiales’s kiss just two hours after proclaiming themselves world champions. Between laughter, shouts of “kiss, kiss” or “presi, presi” are heard. The British media sentence: “The World Cup winner laughs at the controversial kiss.”

It is not the first time that Rubiales has drawn the attention of the international press. The world’s great headlines have already echoed the non-consensual kiss of the replaced RFEF president to the player Jenni Hermoso after the victory of the Women’s Soccer World Cup.

the american medium The New York Times filled its cover with “A forced kiss and the moment of ‘it’s over’ for sexism in Spain”. In the British press, The Guardian He opted for the investigation of Luis Rubiales by the Prosecutor’s Office and assures that what happened “has changed the entire country.”

The confinement and hunger strike of Rubiales’ mother in a church in Motril (Granada) has also been reported by the international press. In the middle Daily Star They report what happened and show the image of the church where his mother was a refugee until this Wednesday, August 30. After two and a half days of strike, she has been urgently transferred to the Santa Ana Hospital in Motril due to an anxiety crisis. However, she has already been discharged on Wednesday night.