Ronaldo awarded the template with an Iphone and two plane tickets

The president of Real Valladolid, Ronaldo Nazario, is not a leader to use. His experience as an elite player leads him to have a series of details with his players that many others would like for himself. The last one was, according to the LA8 RTCYL journalist, Marina Marcos, in EsRadio, the gift of an Iphone and a double plane ticket after winning on February 23 against Espanyol (2-1), a very important victory in the blanquivioletas aspirations to save the category. It must be remembered, in fact, that an airline company sponsors the Valladolid club.

Shield / Flag Real Valladolid

Remember that it is not the first time that the top shareholder of the club rewards the staff. Last season, after achieving salvation, he invited the entire staff to a multi-day trip to Ibiza on vacation.