Liga Santander: The angry critics of Setin's assistant to his players: “He does nothing to do” | LaLiga Santander 2019




“We cannot have the defensive line so deep behind,” complained Sarabia, who has six expulsions and 11 yellows in the elite.

The spiky figure of Quique Setin, hands in the pockets of the dark raincoat, contrast Sunday at the Bernabu with the passionate attitude of der Sarabia, his man of maximum confidence. The first classic of the new technical body of Barcelona, ​​settled with defeat and loss of leadership, also left a collection of gestures and comments that did not go unnoticed by the cameras.

“He doesn't do anything to do! Suddenly he starts playing and throwing, when he has to play the ball!” Exclaimed Sarabia from the bench in reference to one of his players, who did not seem to abide by the plan laid out in the blackboard.

Sarabia, 40, started working with Setin at the UD Las Palmas and already has more than 170 games in the elite. Since his debut in Primera, in October 2015, his strong character and his continuous protests in the technical zone have cost him six expulsions and 11 yellow cards.

The cameras of Vamos surprised the second coach of Barcelona while commenting on the ear of another of his collaborators, sitting on the bench, some tactical variants of the duel. “We cannot have the defensive line so deep behind, because they stretch us and then Benzema comes, receives, and creates a lot of superiority. We have to reduce the space a lot,” he analyzed on the role of the Real Madrid striker.

Sarabia channeled in his own way the nerves of a game of great relevance, without covering his mouth with his hands, as is the norm among soccer players. “Gol, mtela Antoine”, spelled after Griezmann's high left-footed shot in the first half, with the assistance of Jordi Alba. “Soft, soft!”, He lamented between fuss.

“It is not a pass to Busi, it is a pass to the interiors! Ah!”, Added after another of the usual chain of passes of the Bara, with Sergio Busquets in the function of anchor and Arthur and Frenkie de Jong as interiors.

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