Rodolfo Sancho’s anguish, his priorities, the police contradictions and the defense strategy

They were the most sought after images and hit newsstands one day after the Thai police announced at a press conference that the investigation into the murder of Edwin Arrieta 44 years old. Authorities believe Rodolfo Sancho premeditatedly murdered the Colombian surgeon, a crime punishable by death in Thailand.

The protagonist of The Ministry of Time e Isabel appears this Wednesday on the covers of Lectures y Ten minutes from his house in Fuerteventura, where he lives with his wife, also an actress Toasted Xeniaand the daughter of both, Jimenawho was born in 2015, sister of Daniel’s paternal side.

The son of Sancho Gracia, as soon as he learned of Daniel’s situation, prepared his trip to Bangkok but finally aborted his departure on the advice of the legal experts hired. For this reason, for the moment, he has taken refuge on the Canary Island since the arrest of his son in the Asian country. Neither he nor the mother of his son, Silvia Bronchalo, have still traveled to the island of Koh Samui to visit Daniel behind bars. The 29-year-old young man entered provisional prison on Monday, August 7, accused of premeditated murder.

After the appearance of the deputy director of the Thai police on Tuesday, August 15, the family, the spokeswoman for Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo, revealed that “the family has accepted it as a full stop to everything that was foreseen.”

The number 2 of the Thai Police provided new data on the case, such as that Edwin Arrieta received two stab wounds or that his body was dismembered into 10 parts and not 14, as had been published, but unknowns continue about the cause of death, the murder weapon or the motive for the crime, since the police did not want to speak about the alleged death threats that Daniel and his family would have received from the Colombian surgeon. “This is a joke. There is something very shady here,” said Balfagón.

The other dramas of Rodolfo Sancho

Added to the drama of finding an event so frightful overnight that it could change the life of not only Daniel Sancho (who could be executed if convicted) but his entire family, is added the pain for the victim of the crime. and theirs, and the media ordeal that famous people face facing such a terrible crime before the media. Photographers stationed in the Fuerteventura urbanization where Rodolfo Sancho and the mother of his daughter reside keep the actor in a de facto seclusion. To all this must be added the anguish of knowing that his son may be sentenced to death or that, in the best of cases, he will spend years in a Thai jail.

Even so, Rodolfo Sancho strives, just like the prisoner’s father, to keep a cool head and be able to make the right decisions in such an extremely complicated situation. Hiring legal teams in Spain and Thailand, aborting the trip originally planned, protecting his daughter, a minor of just 7 years old, his mother, Noela, Daniel Sancho’s grandmother, to whom his grandson was very close, and supply the detainee as much as possible with all the material means that they can provide as soon as the strict rules in force in Thailand allow contact with the prisoner, to reduce as much as possible the calamitous situation in a prison that does not offer the guarantees of the Spanish prisons.

The objective of the contracted legal team is to get hold of all the documentation possible to defend Daniel and find a way to face forceful accusations that are based on facts and evidence that offer contradictions and gaps.

Changing and even chaotic police story

The conclusions of the investigators are changing the story spread by the police in the first days. The possibility of a third person being involved is denied, but many of the journalists who attended the press conference agree that the information provided is chaotic and even lacks in translation.

The content of the messages on Sancho’s mobile phone has hardly been discussed, a trick that the defendant’s defense must try to play, exercised there by the Thai lawyer Siam Royal, from a law firm with accredited local legalists and whose director, Fernando Oca, it is Spanish. This lawyer denies that he has leaked information to the media and has not given the slightest hint of the strategy planned by his team.

The appearance of a multitude of allegedly incriminating photos, the fact that Sancho had access to a telephone after his confession, the alleged dinner at a luxury hotel with the police after being arrested, or the dubious guarantee of custody of evidence are just some of the issues that put doubt the forcefulness of the authorities’ accusations.

Rodolfo Sancho He is aware that his life has changed forever and he is supported by his wife, his daughter and the need to be there so that Daniel’s existence is as unbearable as possible. Just four years ago, he was shooting the movie The caliph’s dream by Moroccan director Shouheil Ben Barka. On the tape, the actor appeared characterized as we see in the photograph above, along with another image of his son, an image that resembles those of some prisoners who survive in terrible conditions in the worst prisons on the planet.