Laura and Lucía Ruiz sign for Movistar until 2026


Laura and Lucía Ruiz from Cantabria became Movistar Team riders this Wednesday, with a three-season contract, until the end of 2026, in a bid by the structure “for the future of Spanish women’s cycling,” according to a statement.

“The Movistar Team once again bets on the future of Spanish women’s cycling and announces this Wednesday the incorporation of Laura and Lucía Ruiz Pérez. From the Eneicat – CM – Seguros Deportivos team, they jump into the WorldTour with a contract for three seasons, until the end of 2026,” the team advanced.

Initiated in the world of cycling at just 5 years old, the 19-year-old Cantabrian twins won multiple titles in lower categories. As a junior in the Rio Miera – Meruelo team, Lucía won three international stage victories in UCI Nations Cup events, in Gévaudan (2022) and, for two consecutive years, in the Bizkaikoloreak in Abadiño. For her part, Laura was national road champion in Valladolid.

In 2023, as first-year U23s, both completed two WorldTour events, in Burgos and La Vuelta Femenina, where Lucía -final winner of the elite and U23 Spanish Cup, with partial victories included in Noja and Beasain- scored at a good level .

For Lucía Ruiz, this was an opportunity that “cannot be refused.” “Going to a Spanish team makes things much easier, and seeing you so comfortable, covered, that they trust you as they have been doing since they invited us to the team’s concentration in Alicante last December… That has been the main reason that we made us opt for the Movistar Team”, he confessed.

“I would describe myself as someone who defends herself well in the middle mountains, and that in small groups I can have my options because I have a certain top speed. I am very young and I have many things to learn and improve; everything will come in due time,” he added.

Finally, Laura Ruiz highlighted “the treatment and trust” that the Movistar Team has placed in them. “It has motivated us a lot. Opening the doors to the entire structure from the beginning, understanding how it works, getting to know the human group, has greatly facilitated the relationship and this signing. The Movistar Team is a good place to discover together how far we can go” , concluded in statements released by the team.