Rodolfo Sancho confirms the dismissal of his son’s Thai lawyer due to “discrepancies in the defense”

The actor has issued a statement on Thursday to confirm that Kunh Anan, the Thai lawyer assigned to defend his son for the alleged murder and dismemberment of Edwin Arrieta, has been dismissed in recent days. “Daniel Sancho has dispensed, last Thursday, September 7, before the Provincial Court of the island of Koh Samui and due to discrepancies in the defensefrom the services of the Thai lawyer Kunh Anan”, reported the representatives of Rodolfo it’s a statement.

In addition, they deny that there was a confrontation between the Thai and Spanish lawyers, stating that Kunh Anan y Marcos Garcia Montes They don’t even know each other, thus denying the information that the program offered this Thursday We’ll see, where they claimed that it would have been the Asian lawyer who would have abandoned the case: “He is exhausted from the media pressure. In addition, he is afraid that it will affect his reputation and prestige. He is a very prestigious lawyer in Bangkok.” And they added: “Kunh Anan would be receiving significant pressure from Madrid to which he is not accustomed.”

For their part, the legal representatives of Rodolfo and Daniel Sancho in Spain settle the rumors and appreciate the dedication of Kunh Anan, who has been working on Daniel Sancho’s defense for six weeks.

The full statement

“As spokespersons for Rodolfo Sancho, and members of the legal-criminological support and advisory team in the defense of Daniel Sancho, together with the Marcos García-Montes law firm, we would like to point out the following:

Indeed, Daniel Sancho has dispensed, last Thursday, September 7, before the Provincial Court of the island of Koh Samui, and due to discrepancies in the defense, of the services of the Thai lawyer Kunh Anan, expressly thanking the work done by this lawyer until the moment. In the same way, Rodolfo Sancho has adhered to this gratitude.

In this sense, when contacted by Mr. Anan’s Law Office, he assures that he has not made any statement regarding any controversy between both legal teams. In fact, MR. García-Montes has NEVER had contact with the pre-appointed Thai lawyer.

The Marcos García-Montes law firm, in collaboration with the legal criminology firm Balfagón & Chippirrás, is set up as a joint criminology-legal team that is working to define, support and gather evidence for Daniel Sancho’s line of defense.”