Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo “have only been able to speak with Daniel for a few seconds” from Spain: the spokesman speaks

A crucial week begins for daniel sanchosince this Tuesday a press conference will take place in Thailand on the case that is decisive. Ramon Chippirrásone of the spokespersons for the Sancho family, has spoken on Monday, August 14, in this regard and has given new details about the 29-year-old chef, who confessed to having murdered and dismembered the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta 44 years old.

about his parents, Rodolfo Sancho y Silvia Bronchalothe lawyer has said on Telecinco: “The family is devastated, they are dejected and trying to recover from this blow. They are receiving the support of many anonymous people and celebrities. They need peace of mind and not be harassed.”

Both remain in Spain waiting to be able to travel to the Asian country to visit their son in jail. According to Chippirrás, they have been able to speak by phone with their son for “a few seconds”: “His father and mother will travel to Thailand when the time comes. They will have to go see him, it is evident. The two have already been in contact with their son. They were able to talk to him for a few seconds.”

On the investigation that is being carried out in Thailand, he explained: “We do not want to question anything but we still do not have this type of action to put the pieces of this puzzle together.”

For the moment, the largest flow of information has come from the Thai press and from Spanish journalists displaced to the Asian country to cover the case: “The police themselves have told displaced colleagues that there are threats on Daniel’s phone to Daniel and his entourage”.

As for the press conference that the Thai authorities will give this Tuesday, the lawyer and criminologist said: “One of the hypotheses is that they conclude the investigation. We understand that it will be a forceful and hard press conference. We are going to wait for see what comes our way.”

Regarding Daniel’s life in prison, he stated: “The infirmary is in prison and he is being treated psychologically.”

Finally, he explained what the main objective of the Sancho family and their defense is: “The main job we have is that Daniel is not sentenced to death and try to mediate like the rest of the families do, come to Spain as soon as possible “.

Sancho Gracia’s grandson is accused of premeditated murder and dismembering the body of his alleged victim into pieces to hide his remains. “I’m guilty, but I was Edwin’s hostage. He held me hostage. It was a glass cage, but it was a cage. He made me destroy my relationship with my girlfriend, he forced me to do things I would never have done,” he said. to Efe. The chef entered provisional detention on Monday, August 7, in the Koh Samui jail.

On August 17, he will be placed in ordinary detention and, from then on, the countdown will begin for the trial, which, according to Thai law, will have to be held within a maximum period of 84 days. Therefore, at the beginning of November, at the latest, the process will have to be held.

Daniel is the son of the protagonist The Ministry of Time y Silvia Bronchalo, who met at the age of 18 when they were both studying at an acting school, became Daniel’s parents a year later, and separated when the boy was still young. Since 2005, the actor Isabel shares his life with the also actress Toasted Xenia, with whom he has his young daughter. Toasted, for his part, he broke his silence this Sunday, August 13, with a forceful statement: “I feel worry and fear.”