Manuel Díaz ‘El Cordobés’ reappears after being seriously caught and thanks the Virgin: “Back home”

Manuel Diaz ‘El Cordoba’ starred in some of the most alarming news of the weekend after being caught during his run in Huesca. The right-hander was operated on urgently in the square with a “serious prognosis” and was later transferred to the San Jorge Hospital, where he continued with his recovery.

Virgina Troconis’s husband has already received a medical discharge: “Back home and more than grateful to the Huesca fans, to the great medical team at the bullring, to the San Jorge Hospital team and of course to each of you who have worried about me… I follow the recovery closer to my family and thinking of shortening all times to be back as soon as possible”, he wrote this Monday, August 14 on Instagram along with a photo from bed of the hospital. He has his left arm completely in a cast. Salvador Domecq’s gripping of the bull mainly affected his right thigh and the wrist of his left hand.

In stories, in addition, Manuel Díaz has given “thanks” to the Virgin and to God for protecting him during this crisis. On the comment wall, his daughter, Alba Diaz, has written a sincere and emotional “I love you”. This weekend, the daughter of the bullfighter and Vicky Martín Berrocal also entrusted herself to faith. She even asked her Instagram followers to put a candle in the Rocío de Huelva for her father. At home he is already being tucked in by his wife, who is not separated from him for a single second.

The last few months have been very special for the matador. He not only announced in November of last year the withdrawal of the ring, but in February of this 2023 he removed the great thorn in his life after making official and publicly sealing his reconciliation with his father. At the age of 55, El Cordobés Sr. finally recognized him as his son and opted to recover all the lost time. Virginia Troconis played a pivotal role in the exciting reunion between father and son. On March 18, the right-hander fought for the first time with his father in the stands. The bullfight was held in Morón de la Frontera.