Rocío Flores and Antonio David deny Olga Moreno’s infidelity and announce legal measures: “Is it clear?”

The expected reactions of Rocio Flores y Anthony David they have arrived. This Wednesday it was published that Olga Moreno would have been unfaithful to the former civil guard with Augustine Etienne before going to survivors and that the former collaborator of Save me He ended up telling his daughter to blow up his relationship with Olga.

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Given this information, the young Ro wrote this Thursday on her Instagram profile: “After the article published by the magazine Lectures yesterday, I am obliged to deny said information since there is nothing truthful in that article from beginning to end”.

Rocío Carrasco’s daughter has denounced the media pressure to which she is subjected: “On the other hand, after months of continuous harassment of me and my family, once again, all limits are exceeded, I am blamed and attacked for issues on which at no time during these months have I spoken and information and reasons have been given that are not true. Clarify once again that my priority is my well-being and that of my family”.

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On the other hand, she has assured that she is not being manipulated by her father: “I have sufficient capacity to know what I have and what I do not have to do in my life. I am 26 years old and I am an independent person with very clear ideas and absolutely Nobody manages my life or my decisions”. After all of the above, she considers taking legal action: “Having said all this, I will study the possibility of taking legal action in this regard.”

Antonio David’s reaction

Antonio David, for his part, has responded to the information through his YouTube channel. Outraged, he has denied the possible infidelity of his ex and has come to his defense: “That cover and that article is completely false, is that clear? I have not said anything that comes there… Regarding what they say about Olga, I also want it to be clear that it’s completely false. Olga would never do that and I hope it’s clear.”

Marta Riesco’s boyfriend also announces legal measures for this information, in addition to those related to the docuseries of her ex, Rocío Carrasco: “All this, which will go to court for a continuous crime over time, they want to take it back to what my family is, and my relationship between Olga, Rocío and me”.

Finally, he throws another cape at Olga: “Only two people know about the reasons for separation, nothing more, and despite the pressure they want to make all this blow up, and for that reason they mess with hours and hours of programs saying that if I manipulate and use…”, he has sentenced.