The Valencia CF coach, Salvador González ‘Voro’, recognized the “desperation” embodied by Gabriel Paulista with the kick to Vinicius that cost him the expulsion 20 minutes from the end, in a duel in which they were greatly outmatched (2- 0) by Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu.

“It was an action resulting from impotence, his head has gone a bit, Gabriel has committed an act resulting from desperation, a mistake, for losing. A red card that has left the team with one less. It’s true that we were already 2-0, after that it was already impossible,” he said at a press conference.

The newcomer to the Valencian bench, once again and there are 8 as a coach to the rescue, referred to that action that reflected “the situation” that the ‘che’ club is going through. “These things can’t happen again, you can’t leave the team with one less, I’m going to talk to him so that this doesn’t happen,” he said.

“Madrid has been superior. We’re in a delicate situation, it wasn’t the best scenario to score points. We didn’t have a clear chance. There was a big difference. Asensio’s great goal came, they gave us the second and with the expulsion, the game was over,” he added.

Voro, who replaced Gattuso this week, explained that the team “ran”, made “an effort” and had “attitude”, but could not stand a Madrid that was at stake to remain hooked on the League. “We have come to compete, to try to defend, to make the game long, but the first half lasted,” he said.

“First we have to cling to the fact that there are 19 games left, that we have a team that trains with intensity, there is a good group, there are no cracks. We have to focus the shot, game by game. It is not a group that gives up, We have a very important challenge and we need everyone,” he added.

“He has been a person who, with his personality and generosity, has acted as a leader and has generated synergy with the dressing room, through the demand and the human part that he exudes. His face is the reflection of the soul. He has tried to implant a idea of ​​football that until the break, in a team with a lot of young people, has worked”, he pointed out in recognition of Gattuso.