Rocío Carrasco reveals new details of the fiction she is preparing about her parents

Excited and stronger than ever, Rocio Carrasco She remains fully dedicated to projects that touch her heart: those who bring the figure of their parents closer to the public. Thus, while he joyfully celebrates the great success of the musical that pays tribute to his mother thanks to the voice of Anabel Dueñas – and which will stop in Madrid from June 28 to 30 at the Albéniz Theater “with a live band, songs and new arrangements, and new costumes,” he warns us, in turn She is dedicated to the museum about her mother in Chipiona, to which he assures that he wants to go to “make some change.” However, as he just explained in the podcast Drama Queen by Pilar Vidal, one of the projects that is already underway and that has Rocío completely dedicated is the preparation of the series about the lives of her parents.

As already announced in June 2023, the businesswoman reached an agreement with Tesseo Producciones and Onza to create a fiction based on the personal and professional lives of her parents, the boxer Pedro Carrasco and the singer Rocío Jurado. Well, almost a year later, the first green shoots of this project have already emerged, although the project is currently in its initial script preparation phase, which Rocío is not only supervising and advising, but also enjoying like crazy. In her conversation with Vidal, she excitedly announced: “It is a series that will reflect the life of my father, the life of my mother, and the life of both of us in common. That is, it will show the childhoods and youths of each one.” , and your life when they come together. “It is a unique series with multiple facets.”.

For the project, as she announced, Rocío has had a very special collaboration with which she has felt very supported, that of her family: “I have had information that I probably didn’t have because it is data from very long ago, thanks to the collaboration that I have had from my cousin Ani, my cousins ​​and uncles, the whole family on my mother’s side from Chipiona, the Jurados; and the Mohedanos, on my grandfather’s side. All the cousins ​​and I have met with the scriptwriters. “It was super cool, we had a great time,” she commented with amusement. Giving more details, she confessed: “We did an intensive and we stayed for a week: three days in one place and three in another, and we will have to return to take more data, but it was a wonderful intensive. We were there with the scriptwriters and we had some fantastic days. “I’m crazy for it to start filming.”

As detailed, the project phase meets the “prescripts”: “We have all the ingredients to put them in the oven, but we have not yet entered the casting phase. But of course I will also be collaborating and I am going to have a blast.”

In her talk with Pilar Vidal, where we were able to see a very excited Rocío, He did not want to give details about the church wedding that he is already planning with Fidel to celebrate their 25 years of love.but she did mysteriously reveal something that is going to happen in just a few days: “Ah, I can’t leave here without telling you something: on the 29th, which is my birthday, something very cool is going to happen. I’m turning 47, I’m a lady from head to toe. The screwed thing is that I think I’m 18. But there’s going to be a birth. On the 29th I was born and something is going to be born.”