Rocío Carrasco puts the jewelry that belonged to her mother up for sale 17 years after her death

In Chipiona, hometown of Rocío Jurado, They always keep the great artist in mind and not only because finally, after years of waiting, the Cadiz town where La Más Grande was born houses the museum dedicated to the interpreter of Like a wave, his great dream fulfilled after years of bureaucratic procedures and distance between family members.

Initially, it was Amador Mohedano, brother and former manager of Rocío, who was in charge of the project, negotiating with the city council and transporting the artist’s costumes and souvenirs to the venue. Finally it was his daughter Rocio Carrasco who alone completed the opening of the center that symbolizes a tribute to his mother, removing Jose Ortega Cano and the rest of the family members.

There is talk these days in Chipiona about the economy of Rociíto and her husband Fidel Albiac, because they have commissioned the sale of Rocío Jurado’s valuable jewelry to a well-known influencer closely related to high society and with a very important agenda of potential buyers. Carrasco and her husband have been looking for liquidity for years, which is why other material memories of the great artist who died in 2006 are gradually disappearing, specifically her properties.

For the farm called El administrator, a large home and farming areas, located between Rota and Chipiona, a refuge that its owner adored for its beautiful vineyards, Rocio Carrasco I asked years ago 5 million euros, but it was finally sold in 2022 by 800.000. The daughter of Pedro Carrasco He already got rid of the apartment that his father shared with Raquel Mosquera on Paseo de la Habana in Madrid, and another home that he had also inherited, on Puerto Rico Street, as well as an apartment in Miami.

Part of the assets left by Rocío and her husband Fidel Albiac are seized for their outstanding debts. The couple continues to organize shows in which they review her mother’s hits, performed by singer Anabel Dueñas. However, the level of Rocío Carrasco’s appearances on television has decreased significantly. Let us remember that Rocío Jurado’s first-born daughter starred in 27 prime time programs on Mediaset, until she was banned from the network after polarizing the audience so much that the network itself vetoed her. In those installments, which worked well at first, Rociito first attacked his ex, Antonio David Flores, whom he accused of being an abuser without a single court ruling supporting his testimony. Then he attacked his own children and almost all of his relatives.