Roberto López: a pass per minute and a silk center

His career is about to be written, his talent is on the way to being discovered and his stage name, to be defined: Robert
Lopez or Lopez
Warden He is one of the last Sanse passengers to get on the realistic first team. He embodied one of the few positive news of the defeat against Real Madrid. He brought quality in the final stretch of a game that had been extremely complicated and was what every coach seeks in a substitute: a real shock for the team.

The night was a succession of accidents for when Imanol
Sheriff decided to introduce three changes in a single stroke. Robert
Lopez went out to the field next to Martin
Zubimendi and Willian
Joseph and replaced Martin
Odegaard. The performance of the Norwegian was again poor and the coach gave the handle of the playmaker to this young Aragonese who was born 20 years ago to play football. As he showed on Sunday, he is from that lineage of chosen people whose relationship with the ball is as close as a lifelong friendship.

Lopez, a born hitch, went into action in the 79th minute and also did it for real. He intervened 11 times in Real's plays, one for every minute, and was the author of a sensational center that led to the goal txuri urdin, the work of Mikel
Merino. Very heeled to the right wing, the young man from Zaragoza introduced the ball into the heart of the area, where Willian
Joseph he won the duel Carvajal that landed in the boot of the Navarrese. A blow of silk, essential for the Real to cut distances.

The incidence of Merino's goal was not higher because Real lost, but Robert
Lopez He marked territory, in his quarter of an hour of activity, for future opportunities. The team has been working with the first team since the resumption of training and has entered all three calls, against Osasuna, Alavés and Real Madrid. In Mendozorrotza and on Sunday he was one of those chosen by Imanol to try to fly back, without result.

Lopez He has been nominated by the sports management to make the preseason for the next financial year 2020/2021. A few weeks in which he will depend on himself to swell the ranks of the next team, although it cannot be ruled out that he will be loaned to a Second Division team. With a contract until 2025 and armored at the height of the enormous hopes placed in its quality, what is clear is that the journey of Robert
Lopez in the Sanse it has concluded. If his ways continue to aim as high as collaborating on a goal against Real Madrid, he will have gained ground in his claim to jump to stardom.