Bale wins ostracism

The second half against Eibar made Zidane very angry. The general relaxation bothered him, because it wasn't the first time, but Among the players who participated there was one that was especially noted: Gareth Bale. The French coach gave him the final half hour, in the umpteenth attempt to reenlist the team. He did it by giving priority to the Welsh in a demarcation in which there is a great overbooking.

Bale was apathetic against Eibar, disconnected and out of the game. Not wanting. That attitude has caused Zidane to reward other footballers who have done everything on their side to have minutes. The best example is the commitment to Asensio with everything to resolve against Valencia or the ownership of James against Real Sociedad.

In these last two games, against rivals fighting for Europe and with two results that reached with emotion until the final stretch, Zidane has not thought about Bale. He has watched the 180 minutes sitting on the bench. Not even having five substitutions has allowed the coach to give him another chance. That apathy against Eibar can cost Gareth dearly, because in his position there are many alternatives what's wrong with it Zizou in the template. In addition, those who compete for that position are responding: Hazard has returned in a great physical tone, Asensio returned with a goal after eleven months of injury, Vinicius shone in front of Real Sociedad … Despite the accumulation of matches, there are plenty of players in that area so that Zidane is not forced to resort to Bale. The best test is Brahim, who despite the injuries of Isco and Lucas Vázquez has still had no opportunities in these three games.

With these increasingly common substitutions, Bale has very difficult to make up a very gray season. He has only scored three goals in the 19 games he has played and to find his last goals in LaLiga you have to go back to September 1, 2019, on matchday 3 (double against Villarreal). It was his best game in the domestic championship and he still smudged it: he ejected himself in the final minutes. His other target was in the Cup, against Unionistas, and he also spoiled it by not celebrating it.

Bale, with a contract until 2022, maintains his idea of ​​fulfilling it and continuing at Real Madrid. However, Zidane's patience with him seems to have run out. after the lack of attitude shown against Eibar. The Frenchman is an expert at plugging in players who seemed to have lost importance in the team. But this time Bale's ostracism goes a long way …