Roberto Cavalli leaves a widow, six children and a fortune of 600 million dollars

The ‘king’ of animal print died this Friday at the age of 83, victim of a long illness. He did it in his house in Florence, his native land, accompanied by the woman who restored his hope in 2010, the Swedish model. Sandra Nilsson. The widow, in addition, is left in charge of a common child, the little one. Giorgio, which came into the world last year. They are not, however, the only heirs of the great genius of fashion. Roberto Cavalli He had five other children: Tomasso and Cristina (fruit of his marriage to Silvanella Giannoni) y Robert, Rachele and Daniele (from his second marriage, to Eva Düringer).

They all formed a big happy and well-adjusted family that shared vacations, special dates and getaways to Stora Rullingen, the private Italian island that Cavalli bought in 2015 for two million dollars. A particular paradise where they enjoyed a hunting lodge, a swimming pool, a golf course and the remains of an ancient Viking settlement but, above all, the designer’s great passion: nature.

An animal lover, Cavalli enjoyed the company of several macaws and four dogs every day, inseparable from their owner: the little ones Pizza and Viola and the ‘twins’ Lupo and Lapo. She also had two Angola cats, Sandrina and Carina. The Italian took advantage of the holiday to enjoy another of his great passions, photography, and combine both on fantastic trips to Africa. He also went to the Maldives, where he often took refuge to enjoy the tranquility and crystal clear waters.

To his Italian mansion and his private island, Cavalli added a new and very expensive possession in 2020: a 27-meter-long yacht that he decorated with leopard print and which he bragged about on social networks. The vessel has a large master stateroom that spans the entire main deck and features a central skylight, as well as two guest suites and a cockpit aft. She was built by the Italian shipyard CCN and launched in 2018.

In 2015, Cavalli sold 90% of the company and stepped away from the front line in the fashion world, although he continued to be active. Four years later, in 2019, the firm passed into the hands of an investment fund, owned by an Emirati millionaire. His fortune, which will be distributed between his widow and his six children, reaches 600 million dollars.