rice, boat and paddle tennis matches

A few days ago the singer of Las Babies celebrated his 25th birthday in Ibiza, his summer refuge par excellence, and he did so in the best company: that of Sebastian YatraThe singers no longer hide the fact that they are back together, a reconciliation that took place last April, and they appear happy and more united than ever. Their latest post on social media has also revealed that they have moved to Mallorca, where they have been welcomed with open arms by the best hosts: the Nadal family.

Rafa Nadal and Mery Perello They have opened their house to Aitana and Sebastian Yatrawhere they enjoyed a dinner in the company of Maribelthe tennis player’s sister. The friends were photographed happy and smiling, dressed in very comfortable and cool clothes. However, there was no sign of the youngest member of the family, Rafa Jr., who was probably already asleep.

This was not the only occasion on which they have met. Aitana and Yatra also visited Rafa Nadal’s exclusive Academy in Mallorca and demonstrated their sporting skills in a paddle tennis match against Maribel and another teammate. The images, recorded by a fan, have spread like wildfire on TikTok.

The singer of hits such as Tacones Rojos and Traicionera also shared photos of an enviable day at sea aboard a giant catamaran, from where he practiced his jumps into the water: “I wasn’t a professional tennis player to give my friends a chance 🙂 but I was a professional diver: watch the video at the end,” he said sarcastically. Yatra, who will be at the Starlite Festival on August 24, took advantage of the day to show off his figure and sample the local cuisine: a paella with octopus and prawns.