Will he receive his first salary at 30 years old like his father?

The path designed for Leonor is previously traced on the one taken by her father. School education at Los Rosales, her international experience at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales and, now, military training. Let us not forget in this journey the premieres that have marked her launch: from her debut in Oviedo, at the Princess of Asturias Awards, at the age of 13, to her swearing-in of the Constitution at the age of 18. Passing through the swearing-in of the flag at the Academy of Zaragoza as a cadet lady Borbón Ortiz to her imminent commission as second lieutenant that she will receive from the hands of Felipe VI tomorrow, Wednesday 3. The then Prince of Asturias took the same route. We wonder when will be the ideal moment for the Princess of Asturias to receive her own assignment.

This melon was opened by Amalia of Holland, heiress of the House of Orange, who receives 1.65 million euros annually. It should be noted that the princess decided to repay her allowance until she finishes her training. Amalia is part of the centennial generation of young royals destined to reign.

Due to her status as heiress

Given her status as heiress, it is logical to question when Leonor, 18, will receive a salary. For this exercise, we go back to her father who serves as a guide. Don Felipe received an allowance when he turned 30, in 1988, according to Newtral. If the princess were to follow this path, she would have to wait until she was 30. It is up to the monarch to decide when and how much his eldest daughter would receive. However, we stress that the number one priority for Leonor and her parents is her education. She is also at a key stage: she is finishing her cycle at La General in Zaragoza to enter the Naval School in Marín (Pontevedra) next August. And one more date: on July 12, she will make her debut in Portugal on her first official trip alone, without her parents. Another step forward.

And what do the figures say? Thanks to Felipe VI’s transparency policy, the House publishes all the figures on an annual basis. The amount allocated for the 2023 financial year was 8.4 million euros. The King’s salary amounts to 269,296 euros; the Queen’s, 148,105; and Queen Sofia’s, 121,186. Which makes a total of 538,587.