Reunion of divas in Barcelona: Madonna brings Úrsula Corberó on stage and they dance to ‘Vogue’

The show goes on. Maybe Ursula Corbero She thought she was immersed in the middle of recording a science fiction series. However, the friendship she maintains with the iconic queen of pop allowed her to go on stage at the classic Palau Sant Gordi and perform alongside Madonna a musical performance to the rhythm of the song Vogue.

As illustrated in the video he published Miranda Makaroff (one of Úrsula’s best friends), the singer and the actress raised banners with the number ten, while they scored the dancers’ movements. Still on cloud nine for having shared the stage with the interpreter of Like a Virginwho played Tokio in The Money Heist He left the stadium with an endless smile. “I had a great time. Thank you,” she wrote on her social networks. Likewise, she assured that she would never have imagined that she would dance Vogue with the pop diva.

The friendship between the two began on a flight and, since then, they have not lost contact. “I was in Los Angeles and was traveling to Madrid, but I had to stop in London. When I got on the plane, I went to the bathroom and when I returned to my seat I met Madonna,” the actress told Jimmy Fallon in December 2021 while remembering the unexpected meeting.

The singer, a fan of the popular series The Money Heist, recognized the actress after getting on the plane and approached her to show her his admiration. “I just wanted to tell you that I am a big fan of yours, that I love The Money Heist and that Tokyo is my favorite character,” said the artist.