Report says that the owner of the Titans wasn’t happy with Mike Vrabel’s praise of the Patriots organization.

The report says that the owner of the Titans wasn’t happy with Mike Vrabel’s praise of the Patriots organization.

During his team’s bye week this past season, Mike Vrabel was welcomed through the New England Patriots Hall of Fame. It is said that he said some things that annoyed the Titans’ owner.

According to Dianna Russini and Joe Rexrode of The Athletic, Vrabel won three consecutive Super Bowls as a defender for the Patriots.

During his acceptance speech to fans within Foxborough, he praised the team, which Tennessee president Amy Adams Strunk did not like.

In October, Vrabel told them, “I don’t want you to look down on this group.” “I’ve been many places. Wonderful people run this place, and the fans, coaches, and leaders are all very good. Have fun with it. Not everywhere is like this.”

Some people in the Titans office saw Vrabel’s words as an insult to Tennessee, which Vrabel later denied. Yes, the Titans fired Vrabel in Tuesday, which was a surprise. This made him one of the most sought-after coaches right away.

As the Titans looked for a new general manager last summer, they had two of their most public differences.

Russini or Rexrode report that Vrabel first told Strunk that he had won the right to have full power over the team’s players.

Strunk didn’t agree, and it looked like she used Jeff Fisher’s departure from Tennessee as an example of why she was reluctant to give Vrabel’s wish.

Strunk didn’t like the idea, and her friendship with Vrabel got worse because of it, say Russini and Rexrode.

Then, just as the Titans were about to hire Ran Carthon as their new general manager, Vrabel is said to have suggested that the previous San Francisco 49ers executive become the assistant general manager instead since he didn’t think Carthon was ready for the top job.

Vrabel’s statement at his entry into the New England Patriots Hall for Fame during the Titans’ bye week, in which he said, “This is a special place with outstanding leadership, great fans, great direction, or great coaching,” is said to have made things worse between the two. Have fun with it.

Strunk is said to have changed her mind because she thought Vrabel wasn’t reciprocating her faith and because contact between the two of them was getting worse.

These things happened after the Titans allegedly thought about getting a new start by firing Vrabel after last season. Russini and Rexrode say Strunk thought he was worth keeping because he was a good coach.

Vrabel was Tennessee’s head coach for six years. He left with a 54–45 record, which included a spot in the AFC Championship game in 2019.

Russini and Rexrode say that the Titans still hoped to keep Vrabel after November because Strunk had a lot of faith in the coach at that time.

Strunk seemed to be angry about the whole thing, but he never told Vrabel about it, so the anger grew. Not everywhere is like this.” He will now look for his subsequent team.

Mike Vrabel was fired by the Tennessee Titans on Tuesday. During his six seasons with the Titans, he went 54-45. He made the playoffs three times and played in the 2019-20 AFC Championship Game.

Many people in the NFL respect Vrabel, and he’s likely to get a new job soon. The New England Patriots look like they might be a good place to land.

Vrabel played for New England for eight years and won three Super Bowls with them. Last season, the Patriots put him in their Hall of Fame.