Record of the Copa del Rey: how many does Barcelona have and how is the ranking?

Three years later, Barcelona are crowned again in the KO tournament. The Catalans are the 'King of the Cup' as shown by the record, which they lead with 31 winches. Athletic, the other finalist, loses its sixth consecutive final. The last one was two weeks ago, against Real Sociedad.

Barcelona leads the Copa del Rey record with an iron hand. Accumulate 31 KO tournament titles, with a remarkable advantage over the second. Coincidentally, Athletic, his victim in the final of this edition. The lions accumulate 23 wound, eight less than the Catalans. The third in the ranking is Real Madrid, with 19 titles. Atlético (10), Valencia (8), Zaragoza (6), Sevilla (5), Espanyol (4), Real Unión (4), Real Sociedad (3), Betis (2), Deportivo (2), Arenas (1 ) and Mallorca (1) complete the list

Record of the Copa del Rey

Barcelona 31
Athletic 2. 3
Real Madrid 19
Athletic 10
Valencia 8
Saragossa 6
Seville 5
Spanish 4
Royal union 4
Real society 3
Betis two
Sports two
Sands 1
Majorca 1

In the last ten editions, Barcelona has swept this competition. He has reached eight finals and was victorious in six of them. Only fell in the last decade against Real Madrid (2014, 2-1) and Valencia (2019, 2-1). The Catalans take over from Real Sociedad in the Cup scepter. The title of current champions only lasted two weeks for the Donostiarras, since their final, also against Athletic, was played on April 3, 2021. a year later due to COVID, which paralyzed football in 2020,

Athletic loses its sixth consecutive final in the Cup. The last one he conquered was in 1984, when he beat Barcelona 1-0 at the Bernabéu. The duel between lions and Barça are the most repeated finals in the history of the tournament. They have met nine times in this decisive match, leaving with a favorable balance for Barcelona (7 victories) against Athletic (2).