Pellicer: “The referee acknowledged that he made a mistake when taking me a card”

Why did the referee admonish you? “The referee has acknowledged that he made a mistake when taking my card and he recognized it at the end of the game. The important thing is the team's work. I don't think there was a difference in level with the referee's decisions ”.

How did you see your team? “Once again I congratulate the group. There are things to improve, but there is no doubt that this opponent is very complicated, with a happy and dynamic game and has been very even. There is no but for the boys. I drool to talk about them because of everything they are doing. Imagine with those two points the week that we would have of illusion, but we continue the same “

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Error in the goal of Las Palmas? “No matter how much we analyze, no matter how much we rehearse… the minute influences, fatigue. It is not frustration. It happens to all of us. You have to understand the game as a natural process ”.

Two points lost? “It is clear that when you are ahead on the scoreboard, in a tremendously even game. In the last third we were better. But the rival plays. We know what set pieces are like. It's sad because we had it in the palm of our hand and we had the 51 points that gave us that tremendous peace of mind. Because of how we came, with the casualties, which is not any kind of excuse. This group shows a collective resistance exercise. We leave with that feeling that we have lost two points that we had within reach with nothing missing ”.

How is Cayr Quintana? “It is an overload, we hope it is nothing. He has done a brutal job managing the spaces and providing continuity ”.

Scepovic goal. “We are one of those teams that the people who jump from the bench were not contributing goals, except Ramón, but I am very happy for Joaquín's action with Stefan. The goal is widely distributed “.

Salvation for Malaga and Las Palmas. “It is true that we both have it in the palm of our hands. We need at least one victory. Soccer gives us insurmountable life lessons. When you think you've got it all, someone comes, slaps you and you stay on the spot. It is not mathematical but it is virtual. But I think that both clubs have to do very badly so as not to cross each other next year and even wait to see what happens at the top, that no one can give up or stop fighting to be as high as possible. We are historical, we went down from First together and we are similar projects, with people from the quarry and with the illusion of being able to get a promotion where both clubs by hobby and history should be ”.