Real Madrid’s bodyguards prevented Fernández Tapias’ eldest children from entering the businessman’s cremation

The death of the businessman at the age of 84 due to a heart attack has uncovered a family war that was thought to have been forgotten. The oldest children of Fernandez Tapias They were not well received at the funeral home (they had not spoken to their father since 2019, when they sued him to legally incapacitate him), where they tried to prevent them from entering the wake without success. Yes, they achieved it at the cremation ceremony this Thursday.

There were moments of maximum tension when Fernando, Borja and Iñigo (the result of the marriage between Fefé and Chiqui Riva de Luna) appeared at the La Paz funeral home to attend the cremation of their father. According to Ángela Portero, “the Real Madrid protocol staff” who accompanied Florentino Perez (close friend of Fernández Tapias) prevented the entry of the three brothers, who finally left the room: “In the end they decided that they were not going to engage in another provocation and had to leave without being able to participate in a very intimate moment.”

For the moment they remain silent although their lawyer has provided some statements about what happened this Friday: “The children loved and admired their father, and they are going through the worst moments of their lives, because they have been told all kinds of falsehoods and insults these days”Santiago Ortiz has assured. “They have attributed supposed intentions that they never had. What they have done they have done out of respect and affection for their father.”

They are very upset about what happened these last two days. Nuria González’s entourage assures that it was Fefé himself who left orders to prevent them from attending her funeral if they showed up, but they do not give truth to this statement. Furthermore, Fernando, Borja and Iñigo have considerable anger with the father angelin charge of the funeral, since he only made reference to the widow and her two children, Ivan and Alma, during the response, ignoring the other five children of the businessman: those he had with Chiqui Riva and also Juan Carlos and Sandrafruit of his second marriage to Juana García Courel.