Jenni Hermoso, after scoring the winning goal against Italy: “Life sometimes gives you small gifts”


The Spanish international soccer player Jennifer Hermoso highlighted that “life sometimes gives you small gifts”, alluding to her goal that this Friday defeated Italy (0-1) in the final minutes, during a match corresponding to matchday 3 of the League of Nations.

“What better joy than arriving, feeling good again, scoring the winning goal and… well, now I can only smile,” Hermoso said before the RTVE microphones from the Arechi Stadium in Salerno. Regarding what his celebration had been like, the ‘Red’ forward was honest: “I could tell you many things, but life sometimes gives you small gifts.”

“I have thought about many people who have been behind me all this time, and I am happy because thanks to them I have enjoyed football again,” added the current Pachuca player, who also analyzed how difficult the victory was. “Italy played very well, they knew very well what they were doing. In the end they were very closed in and it was very difficult to find those spaces,” she said in this regard.

In this sense, he explained what the coach Montse Tomé had asked of him. “By playing up front, I had to fixate a little and try to have a little more possession. And in the end something had to fall, it fell today with a goal and we took three points, which I think are very important,” he stressed. .

“The victories when they cost and are in the last minute, they are savored more, they are enjoyed more; and today Spain has also suffered. We have come from playing very difficult games, we have achieved some crazy games and today it was like this, and We have taken the three points,” Hermoso finally reiterated.