Real Madrid-Valencia | Zidane: “When we are involved, we are very difficult to beat”

Zidane appeared after concluding the match to give his first impressions of Real Madrid's victory against Valencia, with a double by Benzema and a goal by Marco Asensio, who returned to play after almost 11 months.

Courageous victory: “All the games are complicated and more against a rival like Valencia, very strong, who in the first part went very well, running a lot. But I am happy with how we handled the whole game. The second part was better in everything. There are three points deserved. “

The other day, angry: “This time it can be said that we were superior. Against Eibar we were better in the first and worse in the second. We know that we have to take care of the details. When we are focused and involved we are very difficult to beat.”

Goal canceled at Valencia: “I have not seen the play. But there is a referee and I do not interfere, because it is a complicated task. He has seen the play and has whistled it.”

Benzema: “The first goal starts with Sergio Ramos, then Modric and the play, finished with Hazard and Benzema, is very beautiful. The second goal, for those of us who like football, is very beautiful, and also he is not left-handed and he scores it in the squad directly. And then Marco's goal, which I am very happy for him, for his return. It is a very beautiful night. “

Instructions to Asensio: “I tell him to enjoy after so long. He has scored as soon as he leaves. I also tell him that he is ready to play and he has shown it in 15 or 20 minutes.”

Gesture with Unzué: “We sent him what he put on the shirt, a great message of encouragement. I know this very well, because I am a sponsor against ELA. We send him our full support, we are with him, and hopefully he will get ahead.”

Zidane, at a press conference

Asensio: “It means a lot to him and to us. We are happy to see him on the pitch. It has been eight months, so we are glad to see him score a goal on the first play.”

Force Barcelona. “What we do is important. Three points against a very important rival, who played very well in the first half, with a lot of rhythm. We have done very well, the players can be very satisfied, they are the ones who play and fight. It is a well-deserved victory. “

How did you see the goal annulled to Valencia ?: “I think that is what the referee says. You have made the decision, you have looked at the play in the VAR and that's it. It's a complicated decision, I don't get into those things. “

You have not exhausted the changes: “Every game has its history and today it has been like that. We made two changes, the other day five. In the end it worked out for us and that is the most important thing. Surely in another game you will need to make more changes. You don't have to make five yes or yes, the party tells you. “

Marco Asensio and Benzema's great goal. “The goal was a great goal from Karim. Volley and left-handed. I'm glad for his goal. De Marco, I'm not telling you. After eight months, just entering the field was already to be very happy. Scoring first time means you are already in and you have quality for it. I would like to highlight the quality of everyone, even those who do not play. We work every week and we will need everyone. There are nine games to go and we have to continue We have an important match on Sunday in San Sebastián “.

Is the team where you want it?: “Physically I see the team very involved and, in the end, it is everyone's behavior. We are where we want. But we have to continue.”

Is it the best version of Hazard ?: “They are opinions. It is true that it was his party. He has played 75 minutes. He seems to be tired, but suddenly he takes the ball and does it well. We are glad that he is with us because he has a lot of quality. “

Four midfielders together. “It is not because of playing against Valencia. I liked Modric's different position. He played the game between the lines very well. The first move and the goal we make are for that reason. The move between Luka, Hazard and Benzema.”

Next day to assault the leadership. “We only depend on what we are going to do. I don't get what others do in my head. I'm going to see Barcelona's game with Sevilla, but I don't get into my head that Barcelona is going to fail there. We know the situation. “