Capello comments on Cristiano's absence on penalties

Fabio Capello spoke at Tuttosport on the current situation of Juventus and took the opportunity to analyze certain details of the match of the final of the Coppa of Italy against Naples. He does not understand that Sarri complains that he has few changes, although he wants him to continue leading the team, and he does not think that Cristiano Ronaldo should stay without throwing a penalty in the shootout they lost.

Juventus Shield / Flag

Congratulations on your 74th birthday: “All the messages pleased me. It means that I left my mark. Among the praise, I highlight Daniele Massaro's.”

Italian Coppa Final: “When I saw her, I thought what everyone thought, that Juve went down a lot in the second half and that they already had difficulties against Milan.”

Sarri's complaints: “It depends on the coach, but complaining about having few changes at Juventus seems strange to me. It doesn't matter how many you have on the bench, but the quality.”

Cristiano did not get to shoot his penalty: “It would have been better if I launched the fourth. The first is always the one that is most convinced, the one that has the most security. It has happened to me many times that someone came looking for me to tell me that they wanted to shoot the first and let him go.”

He wants Sarri to remain on the bench: “I think he will continue next year. He is a prepared coach. Juve is not easy to manage. There are players with great personalities and you have to show that you believe in their ideas to achieve the goals.”