Real Madrid ties the Euroleague podium

Real Madrid ties the Euroleague podium

Mateo’s men, with a strong third quarter, beat Bayern on the penultimate day with nothing at stake


Real Madrid defeated Bayern Munich (79-67) this Thursday on the penultimate day of the regular phase of the Euroleague held at the WiZink Center, a dressing task for the whites against an already eliminated rival, to tie up the ‘Top 3 ‘ facing the ‘playoffs’.

Chus Mateo’s men made it 23-10 with the sixth straight defeat for the Germans, one more victory that ensures them finish in the top three of the standings. A great third quarter in defense, the hit on the three-pointer and an outstanding Mario Hezonja (20 points) was what defined the place for a Madrid that was waiting for a rival.

The accounts of the whites, with the crossings assured for a long time, are to finish as high as possible, but the pressure to enter the ‘playoffs’ will keep the doubt about Madrid’s rival in the quarterfinals until the last day. The white team wanted a quiet game at the Palace, which they held from the beginning with a good defense, but with loose ends in the first half.

The four triples that Obst scored and the best visitor performance on the rebound were the biggest problems in a Madrid that kept high gears for the second act. Chus Mateo’s men had good minutes from Hanga, Hezonja and Yabusele to go ahead against a Bayern side with nothing at stake, already eliminated.

After losing in their visit to Belgrade against Partizan and playing at home, the white team made their mission clear with a 19-13 in the opening quarter, even with the public taking positions. Holy Week did not prevent a good entry into the Goya street pavilion, which he enjoyed with a serious team despite dosing himself.

The 16-8 in the third quarter put the local victory on track, with a Tavares who intimidated beautifully in defense. Bayern ‘ate’ many attacks or received blocks from Cape Verde, although Obst and Cheatham came out on top with 21 and 20 points each at the end of the game. With 56-44 in the last quarter and a leading Hezonja, Madrid did not fail in a match with its possible cheat, wishing to know its crossing for the ticket to the ‘Final Four’ in Kaunas.


–RESULT: REAL MADRID, 79 – BAYERN MUNICH, 67. (40-36, at halftime).


REAL MADRID: Hanga (9), Musa (11), Abalde (3), Cornelie (5) and Tavares (7) — the starting quintet –; Deck (2), Sergio Rodriguez (6), Yabusele (10), Hezonja (20), Randolph (6), Ndiaye (-), Causeur (-).

BAYERN MÚNICH: Weiler-Babb (8), Obst (21), Lucic (-), Zipser (6) and Gillespie (2) –quinteto inicial– Bonga (2), Jaramaz (2), Walden (-), Giffey (6), Cheatham (20), Wimberg (-).

–PARTIALS: 19-13, 21-23, 16-8, 23-23.

–REFEREES: Ryzhyk, Rocha and Peer. No deleted.

–PAVILION: WiZink Center.