Ana Obregón in black and white: the unusual truth of a crime story that seems like a pink chronicle

The news that has shaken us in the last ten days is absolutely unusual, enough to arouse interest in countries where they don’t even know who it is. Ana Obregon. But, in Spain, what would be information on events, when not on the television program, Iker Jimenez, unheard of in itself, even if it was not starred by a well-known presenter, it has been contaminated with the tempting poison of pink fame Controversy, emotion, romanticism or empathy towards a mother torn by the death of such a young son distort the strange and unusual events, what actually happened. That’s how it would be, devoid of the halo of magic that the celebritiesthe harsh truth of what happened, starting with the headline:

A 68-year-old woman becomes a grandmother thanks to a surrogate surrogate fertilized with the semen of her deceased son in 2020

An almost 70-year-old Spaniard has become a grandmother in Miami using the body of a Cuban woman whom she hired to rent her belly. The pregnant woman was inseminated with an embryo fertilized with the sperm of her son who died three years ago and the egg from an anonymous donor.

The process was carried out in Florida since in Spain both surrogacy and the use of semen from a deceased person 12 months after death are illegal in any case. Nor is it legal in Spain, according to article 175 of the Civil Code, to adopt a descendant.

Because the grandmother is a well-known actress and presenter, she appeared a week ago on the cover of a weekly with a large circulation next to the little newborn at the gates of the hospital.

A week later, again in the most important magazine in the country, she granted an exclusive in exchange for a large sum of money, where she confirms that she is really the grandmother because she has used her son’s frozen sperm. The publication that she pays for her statements, and the photographs of the girl and her together, reveals many details of the gestation process. She poses with the baby and exposes the identity and image of the minor to all of Spain and in many other countries. She also announces that she does not rule out repeating the process to be the grandmother of a man by the same system, since according to her her son had the desire to be the father of several children.

The information has reached foreign media, which report what happened, while in the Spanish the news and its innumerable ramifications are constantly expressed on television, radio, newspapers, weeklies, digital and social networks, which disseminate the news, broadcast debates, publish opinion articles and other information, carefully analyzing each and every one of the aspects that the newborn’s biological grandmother has brought to light before public opinion.

The baby’s biological grandfather He did not participate in the gestation process and advised his ex not to start it, according to sources of absolute solvency, although he was aware of part of what has been said.

Photographs have been published that show a visit by today’s grandfather accompanying his son more than three years ago to centers specialized in reproduction where patients are counseled, semen samples are extracted and preserved. The patient did so, as we have been able to learn from family sources, in order to have fertile sperm and be able to have offspring while he was alive if the cancer treatments he was going to undergo created sterility problems.

Publicly, at no time has the biological grandfather supported or corroborated the mother-grandmother’s version, according to which her son froze the semen not only to create a family with his partner if he survived, but also with the purpose of having offspring fertilizing, with his sperm frozen several years after his death, the embryo from an anonymous donor so that his mother would have grandchildren after he died.

The mother registered as such and biological grandmother of the baby (exposed in the media during her first weeks of life) maintains that she has done everything because her son asked her to before he died three years ago and assures that she has in her possession a handwritten will, not executed before a notary public, but valid according to her, which the donor drew up before two witnesses (herself and her father) before dying. The document, according to the grandmother’s statements, supports her version, although she has not shown it publicly.

The debate on surrogacy exists and now it has intensified but absolutely None of the formations represented in Congress accept rental bellies if, as in this case, they are used for remuneration. The Minister for Equality describes surrogacy as “violence against women” and politicians of all tendencies from the parliamentary circle have spoken out on the matter, swept away by the media tsunami caused by the unusual news.

Some celebrities encourage, support and congratulate the grandmother-mother, although there are many more celebrities who have preferred to remain silent or have not meant it.