He was facing the Real
Madrid to a match ball in Vitoria. All full of traps and with much to lose and very little to gain. Any bad decision or abrupt scoreboard could make the Madrid structure jump through the air.

A structure that already arrived with the pillars very touched: Zidane, confined for positive in Covid-19 and Sergio
Bouquets, injured by a knee pain. In front, a wolf, for that matter, babazorro, who wanted to blow out the candles of his centenary. And all added to the ravages of the earthquake of Alcoyanazo. Breeding ground for tragedy.

Despite everything, the Madrid he knew how to keep a cool head. He analyzed the situation, solved the first nerves and began to solve the game with goals and play. First was Casemiro headlong who began to give confidence to his people. And later Benzema, with a doublet, and Hazard, each one more needy than the last, those who ended up saving the match ball. Mission accomplished.

Bettoni, Zidane's extendable arm

To all this, the Madrid captain premiered on the bench. Not out of desire, but because of circumstances. The Covid prevented Zidane take his place and was his second in command, David
Bettoni, who rose through the ranks and took the helm.

Peace of mind and determination. Those were the most relevant skills that the also French and intimate of Zidane since they met in the lower categories of Cannes to lead the team for the first time since in 2016 he is part of the staff of Zizou. A Zizou With whom, presumably, he spoke during the game to make the decisions that ended up saving the matchball in Vitoria.


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