Real Madrid – Manchester City (1-2): Guardiola desecrates the Bernabu and quotes Real Madrid with its history | Champions League 2019

Real Madrid – Manchester City (1-2)




The Manchester City coach dominates the game with his decisions and changes. Isco ahead of the whites, who lose Ramos, expelled, for the return. Gabriel Jess, in a controversial action, gets the draw and Bruyne's sentence, penalty

Sergio Ramos and Jovic, during the Real Madrid match against ...

Sergio Ramos and Jovic, during the match against City.

If you had to choose someone to quote the Real Madrid with its history, few like Pep Guardiola, one of the antichrists of Real Madrid. The Catalan did it after recalling one of his old steps and great lessons in the Bernabu. This time without Messi, without prejudice, with a thousand faces. The City coach did everything right, since the election of Gabriel Jess to play without a classic center forward, as in that original 2-6, in exchange for Sterling, the final shamelessness. Successes that accumulated against a Madrid clinging to an imberbe striker, Vinicius, and that now he can only hold on to his story, although without one of his best interpreters, the expelled Sergio Ramos. Touch play emotions. (Narration and statistics: 1-2)

Madrid had the expected start, the goal that is not expected and minutes for hope. Insufficient as insufficient seemed the pressure of the hands of Gabriel Jess on Sergio Ramos in the goal of the tie, after advancing Isco. That is how the referee estimated it. From there, the disaster for Madrid in a very little white match. The return requires a heroic exercise.

Vinicius returned to the vieta, in a ridiculous mistake in the area, it is true, but there was no other way than the one crossed by the Brazilian to find the treasure, as happened with the goal of the nufrago, the work of Isco. The reality is, in turn, the contradiction of Madrid, with its greater investment in the nurse and in the 'green'. TO Hazard He is expected as the lover on the andn. You never know. From Bale It is only expected that he will take the next train to a place where he feels what he has never felt for the Bernabu: respect.

Gabriel Jesus celebrates his goal for Real Madrid.
Gabriel Jesus celebrates his goal for Real Madrid.AFP

The choice of ZZ in the first round of the week of passion that goes ahead in the Bernabu says a lot. Vinicius appeared in the field, next to Benzema, and Bale in the bank. Only in the end the gals had desperate minutes. Vinicius's mission was to offer imbalance. The problem is that it was the only imbalance, since his companions did not get any despite the dominion with which they started the clash. Faced with a more calculating City than usual, which did not give the spaces and started positioned for the counterattack, the situation was not the most favorable for the young Brazilian to activate his speed. He also found the best of Guardiola's defenses for his band, Walker, very fast in the folds. In the opposite band he would have had more opportunities against Benjamin Mendy.

Zidane no longer departed from his plot line, marked by the dominance of midfielders. The entrance of Valverde It was the sacrifice of one of the aces of the poker. If at Camp Nou it was the turn of Modric, this time the absent was Kroos. The German had been, however, one of the most continuous players in the season, with a much higher performance than the previous one. It was not difficult. Last year of Madrid was like a visit to the museum of horrors.

It was interesting to see how this most combinative Madrid was going to face the most apologetic player of the midfielder. Well, the revelations of Quique Setin and working in the Premier of the scares have relegated him to second place. Guardiola answered the question by himself. It began with the risk of being dominated by Madrid, which exhausts a good part of its forces in the pressure, to take control of the ball in the throes of the first half. Until then, he had no shame to take out the ball long, things that were sacrilege when he visited Chamartn in front of Barcelona. Now it is different. It is capable of having a thousand faces, as demonstrated in the Bernabu. He finished the first act of the game two points behind the Real Madrid players in the possession and when he got it, he granted Madrid the space he had not had. Nature did the rest with Vinicius e Isco as interpreters of what the white team, whomever it is, does like no one else. Run and kill. It is DNA. But, today, it doesn't kill as before.

Agero, no minutes

Guardiola had decided to do without his best dog, Agero. Instead, opt for Gabriel Jess. Right. It was probably because, in addition, he wanted the pressure on the exit of the ball from Madrid, offered by the Brazilian, along with Bernardo Silva, a stajanovista, and From Bruyne, the Van gogh of the City. Every look of his with the ball on his feet predicts tremors. The best visiting occasions came from the association with Gabriel Jess. Courtois for the first, point blank. Mahrez not right, then, and Casemiro I took out a ball with poison when Madrid took the break. The resumption did not change the scenery, on the contrary, with a hand by hand of Mahrez that Courtois took out because when he opens his arms he is a cndor. The doorman was the white insurance.

The resistance of Madrid allowed him a chance, because he granted spaces to the counter, but the City had already tasted good feelings in the Bernabu. After the minutes of the euphoria of the goal, in which the men of ZZ They took advantage of the tail wind, the game returned where it was and ended in the worst possible way for Madrid. Gabriel Jess finally found the net and Carvajal committed a penalty on Sterling. De Bruyne did not fail, but they did Casemiro Y Varane to leave the captain in the open and avoid the worst at the cost of expulsion and his loss on the return. Only the story remains.

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