Real Madrid – Barcelona: The mystery of Luka Jovic: the introverted scorer who does not convince Zidane | LaLiga Santander 2019



Luka Jovic, after scoring at El Sadar.
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Deca Jess Gil, in his first steps as president of the Atlantic, who does not understand how, when making a signing, do not submit the player on duty for a psychological examination. The statements, collected on the cover of a daily newborn THE WORLD, had their impact on Spanish football. The leading politician with transfers that leave the frog was already spinning more than one disappointment. Clueless strikers, bad head defenses or immature sides.

Decades before, Santiago Bernabu applied a more personal method when radiographing new ones. The jeta theory -as the baptism- never failed: At ten minutes, after looking into the eyes of a player, whether or not it is valid for Real Madrid. It would be good to know what the mythical white leader would have said before the unperturbed face of Luka Jovic, the forward semi forgotten by Zinedine Zidane.

The lack of a goal and the reborn defensive tremors have their team walking without net towards the classic Sunday, where a defeat will leave the season pending two miracles in the League and in the Champions. Thus, the missions of trimming six points (five ms the goal average) to Messi in the remainder of the course and to overcome at home of Manchester City the European tie that was twisted last Wednesday.

To react to him Barcelona, Zidane has several offensive alternatives, in a probable new turn to its eleven starter. One will be the Serbian battering ram that had a mouth open to the great shields of the continent a year ago. It was precisely the French technician one of the most enthusiastic in the club when claiming the signing. Mariano, the pure striker who already had in the squad, does not convince him (and still does not) as a substitute for Karim Benzema. Better, he thought, go for the revelation of the Eintracht in Frankfurt. For 60 million euros, Real Madrid took over one of the upward names in the market.

The numbers of the young Serbian burst in the European parabolics. At this point of the year, before stepping on March, he already had 21 goals between the league and the Europa League. Five of them put them in a stroke before the Dsseldorf, in one of those afternoons that change the life of any player.

Without adaptation

Twelve months later, the professional dream of reaching the white giant has been fulfilled, he must have traveled through his new team, with a few minutes and less so many (only two, from last year on league goals). The last one was against Osasuna, weeks ago, without that good auction was of much use to him. When asked what happens with Jovic, in Valdebebas and the Bernabu, that is to say, costumes and offices, indicated more to the Serbian than to the coach. The character of the boy is not helping him in his premiere in Madrid. TO Zizou He likes it, but he needs to adapt, they say from the club, where he continues to rely on his projection.

The truth is that in the field, in the opportunities he has had, he has been somewhat misplaced, with little participation in the game, as little integrated into the lawn as it was. Quiet, rocky, impenetrable … Adjectives link in the same line to draw a personal profile that is not benefiting you. Too introverted. Nor the help of Luka modric It has served so far to fit the ecosystem of a costume like that of Real Madrid. Too bad, their classmates think, because they are the first to know their scoring ability. They assure from the Sports City that Jovic has lethal tomorrows before Courtois and Areola.

From their surroundings they ask for patience with a very young player (22 years, five more seasons of contract). Also Benzema was late to explode, they remember from their closed circle in Madrid. The bad year in Spain has also affected the national team, where his conflict with the coach has had as much echo as his change of partner, from a famous model of the country (the mother of his son) to another in a few months.

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