Real Madrid, eliminated from the Women's Champions League in the group stage

Defeat of the meringues at home (0-1) against a decisive Paris FC


Real Madrid lost this Wednesday 0-1 against Paris FC and was mathematically eliminated from the Women's Champions League, in a match corresponding to matchday 4 within Group D and in which the Parisians took the victory with a penalty scored by Gaëtane Thiney in the final stretch.

At the Alfredo Di Stéfano Stadium, the locals began this event as bottom of their group and with little room for maneuver, having faltered in recent weeks and also suffering in League F. For this reason, Real Madrid tried to take over the rhythm of the match and quickly countered the first rival arrival, which had been Clara Matéo.

First a shot by Claudia Zornoza at the far post, from a center by Hayley Raso, and then an approach by Athenea del Castillo were the prelude to a shot by Olga Carmona against the crossbar, when in the 26th minute she executed a left-footed shot that the visiting goalkeeper brushed against to send to a corner.

Caroline Moller Hansen tried shortly after with a good individual play, whose shot inside the area was repelled by goalkeeper Chiamaka Nnadozie. From then on until half-time, the defenses narrowed with skill and Matéo barely stood out among the Parisian ranks, although without aim.

Upon returning from the locker room, the French team warned a few seconds later that the mission for Real Madrid would not be easy. In the 50th minute, Matéo sent a shot through the clouds in the area after a counterattack guided by herself. And in the 58th minute, Misa Rodríguez made a worthy save on a powerful shot by Kessya Bussy.

The merengue coach, Alberto Toril, made three sudden changes to shake up his team. And it seems that it worked, based on two consecutive scoring opportunities, in the boots of Athenea del Castillo and later in those of Naomie Feller; The latter she had entered as a refresher in '57, along with Sandie Toletti and Linda Caicedo.

Nnadozie successfully cleared both shots, but Real Madrid kept trying. Of course, the madridista's efforts left space behind and Paris FC snuck up on the goal with a shot from Louna Ribadeira, from the corner of her eye, on a cross from Bussy at mid-height from the right wing.

Paris FC came close again with great danger in the 76th minute, due to a low right foot from Gaëtane Thiney that tripped defender Ivana Andrés; That changed the direction of the ball and forced Misa to make a save, sending him to a corner kick. And precisely from there was born the play with which the visiting team took the lead.

Maite Oroz, who had come onto the pitch in the 75th minute replacing Zornoza, blocked Célina Ould Hocine from behind on a ball that apparently went nowhere after that corner. Both were inside the area and the referee, Romanian Alina Pesu, declared a penalty without hesitation.

With panache, Thiney marked it 'like Panenka' and established an already immovable 0-1 in the Valdebebas light. The heroics associated with the merengue shield did not come to light in these types of situations, not even when Misa went up to finish off a distant free kick that went over the baseline.

The match died like this, and with it Real Madrid's hopes in this competition. The meringues did not benefit from the other result of the group, a 1-3 victory for Chelsea during their visit to Häcken. The combination of both scores left the white team still at the bottom, with a single point and already out of the next round.


–RESULT: REAL MADRID, 0 – PARÍS FC, 1 (0-0, at halftime).


REAL MADRID: Mass; Oihane, Ivana, Kathellen, Carmona; Abelleira (Marisa, min.86), Olofsson (Toletti, min.57), Zornoza (Oroz, min.75; Raso (Caicedo, min.57), Athenea y Moller (Feller, min.57).

PARIS FC: Nnadozie; Bogaert, Greboval, Hocine, Soyer (Fleury, min.62); Corboz, Korosec (Le Muel, min.62); Matthew, Bussy (84 mins), Thiney (Hunter); and Bourdieu (Ribadeira, min.62).


0-1, min.79: Thiney (p).

–REFEREE: Alina Pesu (RUM). He yellow carded Soyer (min.21), Bourdieu (min.42), Bogaert (min.86) and Greboval (90 + 4) at Paris FC.

–STADIUM: Alfredo Di Stéfano.