Raúl Prieto starts ‘Survivors’ in a delicate personal moment for her husband, Joaquín Torres

He is about to begin his greatest professional adventure: his first edition as director of Survivorswhich produces Quartz (This is life, Temptation Island). But Raul Prieto He suffers because of a worry and his mind is somewhere else, his home. The love of her life, Joaquin Torres, has been going through an ordeal since last December he suffered a spectacular motorcycle accident that almost cost him his life and which has kept him away from his job for almost three months. The famous architect’s daily life passes after rehabilitation interventions and his physiotherapy sessions, but his situation is becoming more and more difficult for him.

The architect of the attic Tamara Falco received on Saturday he received another hard blow that has plunged him into the greatest sadness: the death of his mother. It is true that she had health problems for a long time and that she was very old, but Joaquín, given her health problems and his delicate mental situation, has finally broken her. So much so that Raúl is very worried about him. Joaquín doesn’t stop crying and being sad. He locks himself in his room and although he tries to hide from everyone, he does not hide his sadness.

In the lines he wrote on his networks, the delicate moment he is experiencing is evident: “My mother left this morning surrounded by love and a part of me has gone with her. Mom left as she lived, discreetly, without regrets and giving love. Today I am completely broken emotionally and physically. The void it has left in me is devastating and has dragged everything down. I know I have to learn not to see it, not to touch it, not to hear it, not to smell it. Although I know that part of her energy will always be with me. She has left me so much love and an example of life that will always be her legacy, that nothing and no one can surpass. I told her to leave calmly that I would take care of dad until my last breath but I feel such emptiness that I don’t know if I will be able to fulfill it,” she concludes.

And it is true: sources close to the architect speak of a totally broken person who is going through a delicate moment in his life and who finds it difficult to recover. Hence Raúl is also wrong: “For some time now he has been worried about him, the accident left him in very poor health and although he does everything possible to be better, his head and spirit are not playing good tricks on him”tells us a person who knows them.

Joaquín has had a delicate life. As he himself has said, he has needed years of therapy to accept himself and decide to shout to the world that he was homosexual and that he had fallen in love with Raúl Prieto. But it was knowing him and being clear about it. He is all his, as he confessed in a recent interview, but not even he can get him out of this pit from which he finds no way out. Let’s see if little by little, the architect regains his joy and sees again in color and not in black and white.