Raquel Sánchez Silva’s Nebulossa crushes Carmen Borrego and Sonsoles also recovers the afternoon

It goes without saying that Your face is familiar to me It is the best television program that can be seen open (and closed) in Spain right now. The talent created by Gestmusic (Endemol Shine Iberia) started its eleventh edition with enormous power (24%). The In Nebula of Raquel Sanchez Silva with its stratospheric version of debt, and in general all the content of the space presented by Manuel Fuentes, They destroyed their competitors minute by minute, more than doubling even Telecinco’s stellar offering. DeViernes (10.7%) had accumulated artillery to try to withstand the onslaught of Antena 3 and filled its magazine with bullets of the caliber of Carmen Borrego, flanked by her sister Terelu Campos, or the heavy one of Ana Obregón, with her cloying stories, repeated, very weakened in the media since we know that he did not tell the whole truth with his vaunted contributions.

The biologist, let us not forget, became the Chiara Ferragni Spanish after it was revealed that the exclusives that he said were for the Lequio Foundation did not go entirely to the organization that bears the name of her deceased son, as she tired of repeating, and that only a portion of the profits from the book The Shrew Boy were contributed but a very important part went into the pocket of the presenter, who ended up contaminating her reputation even more with her own story and admitting that she needs the money to raise her daughter Ana Sandra, who is supposed to be a granddaughter at the same time. .

The point is that Obregón, Las Campos, Elena Tablada and other characters, some of them with important cachets, according to what they tell us, did not reach the average million viewers (928,000) and fell like ninepins in front of the aforementioned Raquel Sanchez Silva and the rest of the numbers Your face is familiar to me. The talent show, which brought together an average of 2,213,000 spectators, gave away performances such as Julia’s (‘OT 2018’), who won with her imitation of Laura Pausini, tributes to Concha Velasco, María Jiménez and Carmen Sevilla, and taunts to Bertín Osborne, or the surprise appearance of Bárbara Rey, who was received on set like a queen with Juanra Bonet’s imitation of Juan Carlos I’s former lover.

Sonsoles Ónega takes advantage of Ana Rosa’s absence and recovers the throne against TardeAR

Friday’s hearings also reveal other relevant data: Sonsoles regains the throne of the afternoon against Later, which was not presented by Ana Rosa Quintana. Fernando Ónega’s daughter touched 13% compared to the Unicorn format, which is satisfied with 11.6%. More worrying is the balance of the first week of Time to time, also produced by Unicorn. The evening presented in Cuatro by the exquisite Veronica Dulanto and the prodigal son of meteorology, Mario Picazo, scored a terrible 2.3%, worse than his predecessor, with worse data than Cuatro a día (162,000 viewers on average). Maybe Time to Time needs time but it doesn’t look good.