Ranking the seven open head coaching jobs in the NFL

Ranking the seven open head coaching jobs in the NFL

Next season, at least seven NFL teams will have a new head coach, and that number may still be going up. It was six o’clock when I began writing this, and then the terrible news regarding Pete Carroll came out.

The right manager can quickly turn around a team; just look at what DeMeco Ryans did in Houston this year or how well Kyle Shanahan has done in San Francisco. On the other hand, the wrong lead coach can ruin a whole season. Check out these teams too.

It’s the end of the NFL season for 18 of the 32 teams that play this year. That means it’s time to look at the coaching job market in the league, where there are seven open positions right now.

The Carolina Panthers, the Raiders of Vegas, or the Los Angeles Chargers are some teams that have fired their coaches in the middle of the season.

Finally, the Atlanta Falcons fired Arthur Smith just after midnight on Sunday. On Monday, the Washington Commanders fired Ron Rivera, and on Tuesday, the Tennessee Titans fired Mike Vrabel.

The Panthers fired Frank Reich, making him the first coach to be fired by the team. The Panthers fired Frank Reich on November 27 after he led Carolina to a 1-10 record in the season.

Reich’s 11-game stint is the smallest with an organization since Pete McCulley’s nine-game stint with the San Francisco 49ers in 1978.

In the first season for 2023 draft pick quarterback Bryce Young, Carolina had the worst record in the NFL, going 2-15, and the worst scoring attack, averaging 13.9 points per game.

In October, after a 3-5 start, the Raiders dismissed Josh McDaniels. During his two years as Raiders head coach, they went 9-16. McDaniels allegedly lost his locker space because his players didn’t like how he led them.

To end the season 8-9, Las Vegas went 5-4 with safeties and temporary head coach Antonio Peirce in charge. Under Pierce, they gave up the fewest points in the NFL (15.9 per game) from Weeks 9 to 18.

It’s a big list of NFL head coach jobs to look through if we want to make a list. Almost a fifth of the league is looking for a head coach, and a few more are looking for general managers. There might not be, however, that one really great beginning that screams “Super Bowl” right away.

Giants fans widely support “Right”. The judge had the opportunity to show ownership of why he was the best person for the job, but he failed.

We think that his conversation with John Mara wasn’t like Judge’s crazy rant after the game two weeks ago, though we can’t be sure.

However, it turns out, the Giants are looking for their fourth head coach since firing Tom Coughlin. Now, three bad hires in a row (Ben McAdoo, Pat Shurmur, and Judge) have been in charge for two years each.

You should know that Mara and Steve Tisch, executive vice presidents of the Giants, didn’t want to fire another coach so quickly but also couldn’t come up with a reason to keep things the same.

That might be the good news: if there isn’t a fourth disaster, the next coach might get a little more time to build a team and fix the atmosphere.

And they have two high draft picks to build with. There is also an open GM job that could bring in new ideas to get things back on track. There are also some young players that you should build around.

Daniel Jones still has not been proven. The pay cap problem needs a lot of work, especially since the team is so bad.

As long as the owners let the new general manager do it, the scouting staff is ready for a clean slate. It’s clear that some players quit near the end.

And as crazy as it is to say about a once-icon club whose owners have led the team to two Super Bowls, the air surrounding the team needs to be fumigated with negativity.

The Giants have had the worst record since 2017 (22-58), but the Jets from across the street have tied them.

GM Dave Gettleman likewise “retired,” but it didn’t feel like he did it voluntarily. Before the game in Week 18, they gave him his gold watch and sent him on his way.

Where was any blame for the mistakes he made with the lineup this week? Judge can be criticized, but letting Gettleman skate off into the distance while the former head coach is criticized seems like too much ownership-driven excess.