Ana Rosa Quintana reveals what her twin children have studied: “None of them have dedicated themselves to journalism”

Ana Rosa Quintana He doesn't usually talk about his children. However, in his last interview he made an exception. The presenter sat down to chat with Cruz Sánchez de Lara y Charo Izquierdo on the podcast Arrange for us to go, where he opened up about how he is on a professional and personal level. Last year she returned to work after completing her treatment for breast cancer, and shortly after began a new television stage by premiering in the afternoons on Telecinco.

“I am very protective of my privacy. “People know very little about my life, perhaps because it makes me a little hesitant or ashamed,” he told the vice president of The Spanish and the journalist, and joked that he has a “double personality.”

The journalist assures that her good results in the workplace – now marked by the ratings war with her former partner on the sets, Sonsoles Ónega – are due to her honesty. She believes that “if she were not sincere” she would not work as a presenter, a job that combines with her “facet as a mother” and as a “normal and ordinary lady.”

This led the communicator to mention her three children, who They are far from the media spotlight, something he appreciates: “In the end you are exposed all day and putting yourself at risk of people liking what you say or not liking it.” As a mother, she prefers that her “privacy” be protected.

His three children: Álvaro, Jaime and Juan

The presenter had her first child, Alvaro Rojo, during her marriage to Alfonso Rojo. At 38 years old, she works as a criminal lawyer, and has occasionally appeared on television. According to his mother, “he is very good” at his profession.

Likewise, the communicator welcomed her other two children 19 years ago, the twins Jaime and Juan, the result of her marriage to Juan Muñoz. Born by cesarean section due to the risk of childbirth, since at that time the journalist was 48 years old, They are focused on their studies, that have nothing to do with the branch that his mother chose.

“One studies Business with Analitycs and I don't know how many new things. And the other is on the business side. None of my children have dedicated themselves to Journalism,” she revealed, clarifying that, in reality, she has “always” been a “businesswoman.”