Rafael Amargo’s lawyer speaks: “The evidence is very flimsy, circumstantial and not very solid”

After the arrest of Raphael Bitter After a performance in Alicante for an alleged crime of drug trafficking and attack on authority, his lawyer, jamie caballerohas stood up for the bailaor in The Ana Rosa Program this Friday.

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“It has surprised us, no one expects an arrest, but we honestly sensed that something was going to happen, we knew that the case charged and for which a trial is pending was not well tied up, the evidence is very weak, it is quite circumstantial evidence and with little solidity”, assures the lawyer.

There is something that does not add up to the defense of the Granada: “What a coincidence, and I am not going to speak ill of anyone, that it is the same policemen, with the same number and the same police station” who have proceeded to the arrest. “It is an alien, new fact, but coincidentally they are the same researchers. It is as if some loose end had been left, they want to prove something of which they hardly had proof,” Caballero emphasizes.

Regarding the alleged attack by the artist on two policemen while the arrest was taking place this Thursday, the lawyer comments that “we do not have the complete report, in the conversation I had this morning, we know what Rafael is like, possibly he got excited and had a small struggle with the police”.

Caballero has also defended that his client’s apartment located on Espiritu Santo street in Madrid is not a “narco apartment.” “That apartment, which I have known personally, is a ground floor on Espiritu Santo street, it is an ancient portal that is almost always open, people of all kinds enter… they denounced that it had something to do with Rafael’s transfer Bitter at home, I can assure you that it is not and I would like you to go there to check it,” he says.

The arrest this Thursday

As we published, Rafael Amargo has been arrested after leaving a performance in Alicante for an alleged crime of drug trafficking and attack on authority. The National Police has been investigating the bailaor since last July following a complaint from his neighbors for an alleged sale of narcotic substances in his apartment on Calle Espíritu Santo in Madrid.

For several weeks the police would have verified the movement of people who went to the apartment of the Granada man identified as Jesús Rafael García Hernández. They were also able to tap the artist’s phone, where they verified how he agreed to deliver substances such as popper, cocaine, and methamphetamine in exchange for various amounts of money with the people with whom he previously made appointments by phone.

It is not the first time that Amargo has been under police watch. On December 1, 2020, he was also arrested along with his girlfriend, the Argentine Luciana Bongianino, and two other people in the framework of ‘operation Codax’. The trial for this cause will be held next June for the alleged commission of a crime against public health for the alleged sale at his own home of narcotic substances to third parties in a “persistent” manner in exchange for money.

The Codax operation

Due to his arrest in 2020, the bailaor will sit in the dock for the accused next June, as we indicated. The oral hearing will be held on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 12th at the Provincial Court of Madrid, according to legal sources. The artist is facing a tax request for 9 years in prison within the framework of ‘operation Codax’, whose name means raven in Latin and is nicknamed that way because of an image of Amargo on his Instagram in which he appears with wings like this kind of bird