Chayo Mohedano (Madrid, 1979), daughter of Amador y rose benedict, won a lawsuit against the producer of Save me. As we explained last July, The Tele Factory had to indemnify the singer and her husband, Andrés Fernández, for revealing confidential information about the latter in various programs.

And now the singer releases a clip of her theme what are you about in which she calls cretins those who vilified her, dragged her through the media and caused her much suffering and sleeplessness. The song is, saving the distances, a revenge to the Shakira contra Pique but of Its contra Jorge Javier Vazquez and their bosses.

To round off her move, the niece of Rocio Jurado He has counted on his other cousin, Glory Camilla, and with the ex big sister Love Romeira. Now his name appears on the black list of characters banned from Mediaset, but thanks in part to the bonus of Rocio Carrasco and his claim went ahead Deluxe operation.

Chayo, in an interview granted this Saturday to The world, He speaks openly of harassment: “I had been off television for three years and they continued to crush me and belittle my work,” denounces the artist. “I have felt attacked and insulted by a producer. Everyone knows who has mistreated me for years,” she says before adding that “the recipient of the song has a name and surname.”

For a long time, in the La Fábrica programs they took it out on her: “They said that I don’t know how to sing, that I’m a fraud or that I pay people to go to my concerts,” Chayo explains in Loc.

“Rocío Carrasco has been manipulated”

“I would go places and see a camera Save me just to talk bad about me. They took a poster of mine and stomped on it, they encouraged people to throw eggs at me while I sang,” she denounces.

of his cousin Rocio Carrasco and his docuseries by installments, also produced by La Fábrica, Chayo admits that it hurt him “because I have never mistreated Rocío even if I do not agree with what he says,” he admits. “What she has shown is that she doesn’t want us in her life,” he concludes. “Rocío has been manipulated, whoever knows her knows it. Before the documentary, she never spoke ill of my family to me and when she began to tell things as they are not, I hallucinated,” Chayo confesses without naming anyone. Fidel Albiac

Chayo has always shown his face and was not one to shut up. For this reason, she was surprised that after announcing to great fanfare that on June 13 the trial of her husband against The TV Factory the daughter of rose benedict y Amador Mohedano will not speak out for good or bad against the producer of Save me.

The last time he had referred to that trial was the same morning as the hearing: “In a few hours, what was unthinkable for many will happen. I will tell you. There is a lot to tell, since they have wanted to silence us again,” he said . Then the news broke that they had reached an economic agreement in front of the judge and that the defendants acknowledged the charges and asked for forgiveness.

But nothing from his mouth. Until the interview that is published this Saturday. we were wondering why the niece of Rocio Jurado was publicizing the trial by saying that he was going to jail those responsible for The TV Factoryand then did not give details of the resolution.

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Confidentiality clause

Informalia told why. The one she was facing closed her mouth with a Confidentiality clause. Respondent and defendants reached an economic agreement in court. “The figure is around 180,000 euros,” they told us. But there was a condition: “That neither party make the agreement public and that, of course, the singer and her husband stop talking about the producer of Save me”, they added then

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Chayo’s husband Andres Fernandez, He filed a lawsuit against the program in 2019 for showing his mugshot. Chayo also took action after feeling “humiliated”, according to her, on several occasions. For years they fought in the courts and publicly denounced the “harassment” to which they felt subjected since Save me, and went to court. But that message from the cousin of Rocio Carrasco on June 13, the day of the trial, saying that “they wanted to silence us again”, it was premonitory. Hours later they did. They had bought his silence. But paying very well.

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After this, just a few words lashing out at Isabel Rabago for writing in Instagram “They offer them money and then they shut up.”

This was what Chayo said: “The lawyer (laughs) Haven’t your friends told you that there has been a trial where they apologize and acknowledge the facts? They were all sitting there this morning before the judge. I’ll talk about it later,” released Chayo’s cousin. Rocio Carrasco.