Rafael Amargo loses his temper after his trial is suspended: “My father is dying in the hospital”

Two and a half years have passed since his arrest for an alleged crime of drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal group. This Wednesday, Raphael Bitter He expected to sit in the dock but the trial has been suspended. When leaving the courts, he has lost his nerve before the questions of the reporters: “That is a photo of me in the house of another. Am I going to say it again? I have said it twenty times, it dries up my mouth , it is in a way and a damage that… If you also know that I have told you twenty times, why do you ask me? Don’t you see that this is a very harmful thing?”

Out of his mind, he continued to rebuke the journalist: “Come on, I’m going to repeat it to you again, you know it perfectly because I told you, why this unnecessary spectacle? Can’t you see that I’m suffering? I’m telling you that I My father is dying, I just don’t understand, it seems to me since you are not people. Is it worth more to do harm than to earn what you earn in salary? I have told you, there was nothing in my house”.

Rafael continued: “It was an provoked crime, but they put the photo to exemplify and the tares to exemplify, what more example? Two and a half years. Look, the Constitutional Court has some audios and some wiretaps that they have not wanted to put either, which speak them because I am silent and I am going to remain silent because I am a loyal and faithful person, but it is costing the lives of many people”.

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Asked about the possibility of going to prison, he replied: “How do you want me to go to prison? You have asked me so many times… Well, I am not going to prison because there are many courts that I still have to face and there is nothing here”. Amargo has vented, assuring that what there is “is a very big damage, the ball has become so big that I would love for you to also have a bit of humanity sometime because one puts the subject wrong and another throws and makes it worse and not even one has yet told the truth, none of you.”

Rafael has insisted: “They are destroying a family without sense and without knowledge. If you have the heart, have the courage to speak the truth. When this goes well, will someone take out a page defending me in the same way?” The bailaor has revealed that his father is in serious condition in the hospital: “What hurts me the most is that it is costing my father his life, who is dying in the hospital, okay? Now, please”.

Lastly, Rafael concluded these statements by assuring that “I have not been able to work for two and a half years and I am desperate. I am here for this reason, I have not even been given a passport to work for two and a half years and I have had to suspend my race and now I have to wait even longer”. And he has thrown a question into the air: “What fault do I have if I am here complying with what is asked of me? What fault do I have that I am doing everything correctly?”