Rafael Amargo assures during his trial that the police were “in the mood” for him: “I only give away my art like Lola Flores”

In provisional detention since November of last year for violating precautionary measures, Rafael Amargo He testified before the judge this Friday. The dancer, who for the moment remains admitted to the Soto del Real prison (Madrid), faces nine years in prison for a crime of alleged drug trafficking.

The trial will be seen this Friday for sentencing with the last word of the accused and the final conclusion reports. Amargo faces nine years in prison for a crime against public health of notorious importance. Its producer Eduardo de Santos faces the same request for punishment. Both have been in preventive detention since last December for violating precautionary measures.

The telephone interventions are the main evidence that the prosecutor has to support her accusation. Amargo’s lawyers have tried to challenge these wiretaps, an issue on which the court will rule in the ruling.

Investigators and the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office maintain that Rafael Amargo and Eduardo de Santos made “joint purchases” intended to finance the work of Barren. It was before the premiere of this work, in December 2020, when the artist was arrested.

Amargo’s statement

In his statement, lawyer Marcos García-Montes (the same one who defends the Sancho family) asked his client if in April 2020 he was dedicated to distributing drugs, to which the artist replied that it is “totally uncertain.” “I can prove that there are even days when I was not in Madrid”has underlined.

“The only thing I do is give away my art and my generosity in my house, opening the doors to everyone, like Lola Flores”, has snapped, attacking the Police and the prosecutor in the case, whom he accuses of “lying” and going against him without evidence. After that, he has reproached the Police for the way in which his arrest took place, on Barceló Street in Madrid, in front of the house of Joaquín Cortes’s press chief, leaving him half naked. “I couldn’t be more theatrical. The police wanted me”he has denounced.

“I lost a job offer in Bollywood and the strategy was for me to make a deal – with the prosecutor – and declare myself a drug trafficker. I’m not going to give them the pleasure. They asked me when they stopped me who the big guys were and I told them that great ones that I know are Paco de Lucía, Ortega y Gasset…”, he noted jokingly. “I ask that you let me be the human being that I am because karma returns. I am not bad. Karma is going to pay because I am a Christian”he has asserted. “I apologize because I am in jail because I got myself into it”he said in relation to his decision not to sign before the judge.

“Drug collection” in confinement

In turn, Eduardo de Santos has called it “atrocious” the claim that the play ‘Yerma’ was financed with alleged drug trafficking, asserting that the National Police and the Prosecutor’s Office “lie” in their accusations. When asked if he has bought drugs with Rafael, he answered that he “never.” “We were drug addicts. We were talking about drugs and the play Yerma. What are we going to talk about,” he blurted out.

Furthermore, he has acknowledged that during confinement he collected everything, including drugs to be able to supply himself for his own consumption. After that, he stressed that the narcotics were visible because they were “consumers”, since they consumed between two and three grams a day.

During the search of his apartment on Alcalá Street, the agents found a bottle of methamphetamine, with a net weight of 4,466 grams and a purity of 76.4%; a bag containing a substance that tested positive for ketamine, with 50.4% purity; and MDMA with a purity of 6.9% with a total net weight of 0.185 grams. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Rafael sold the drugs to people who came to his home and in other cases “he sent the substance to the place where the client indicated, for which he used his trusted man, the also accused Manuel Ángel BL.” They also transported the drugs in Uber cars.