Queen Sofía resumes her agenda with a trip to Poland after her hospital admission

Good news for the Queen Sofia. Barely a week after her departure from the Ruber clinic in Madrid (where she was admitted on the night of April 9 for a urinary tract condition), the emeritus already has a date to resume her institutional commitments.

As Casa Real reported this Friday, Mrs. Sofía will attend the 36th Global Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International-ADI in Krakow (Poland) from April 23 to 25, an event where Felipe VI’s mother puts her commitment on the table. in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

The emerita has been dedicated for several years to projects that make visible the treatment and research of neurodegenerative diseases. This topic hits close to home for Doña Sofia, since her cousin’s mother, Tatiana Radziwilldied in 1989 due to Alzheimer’s.

Last Saturday, after four days in hospital, Queen Sofía was discharged from the hospital. At 85 years old, Don Juan Carlos’s wife left the clinic on her own two feet. Once mounted in the vehicle that was taking her to Zarzuela, Mrs. Sofía kindly greeted the press and assured that she was “very well” and eager to return home.