Prisco’s 17th week’s NFL predictions: a resurgent Buccaneers win their fifth straight; Ravens defeat Dolphins in the game of the week.

Prisco’s 17th week’s NFL predictions: a resurgent Buccaneers win their fifth straight; Ravens defeat Dolphins in the game of the week.

With my early Sunday picks, everything seemed so promising. I was sure I was going to have a great week when I had won all six of my games at one point. Coal ended put in my stocking after that.

Things got worse when some of the games started to deteriorate. Neither of my final results—10-6 straight ahead of 6-10 against the spread—are very noteworthy. Right now, my record is 146-94 for the straight-up and 116-113-11 in the ATS.

I have two weeks to finish up everything before the postseason. Like the teams, I have to get stronger before the postseason begins. The Cowboys are still making the postseason even though they have lost their last two games.

The Lions are vying for a seeding spot even after they won the division last week. Detroit has played three games in a row away from home, while Dallas is playing at home for the third time in three weeks.

The Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys, two of the four NFC teams that have earned postseason tickets, will play each other on Saturday in Dallas.
The Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens, the only two AFC teams remaining in the NFL postseason, will play one other on Sunday in Baltimore.

With two weeks remaining in the regular season, only six teams are guaranteed a position in the NFL playoffs. Expect the Dallas Cowboys to bounce back after two losses with a solid showing from both the offensive and defensive units.

Following the Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, & Dallas Cowboys as the NFL playoff teams, wins in NFL Week 16 guaranteed berths for the Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins.

Because only eight teams have been dropped from the playoff picture, leaving 18 teams playing the fight for the eight remaining postseason spots, the NFL Week 17 schedule is crucial to the NFL playoff standings.

The top seed in each conference gets a bye in the NFL postseason’s wild card round, while seeds two through four go to the runners-up for their respective divisions.

Their playoff run continues as they get ready for Miami the following week and beat the Patriots with a strong showing.

The fifth, sixth, and seventh seeds go to the non-division winners with the best records. If the NFL regular season ended after Week 16, just think of how the NFC or AFC playoffs would unfold.

The Patriots are currently playing their second straight road game after defeating the Broncos last Sunday night. The Bills’ victory over a subpar Chargers team last week will aid in their regaining composure.

For the second consecutive week, the Raiders—who have little chance of qualifying for the postseason—are away from home. The Colts need this to qualify for the postseason.

On Monday, we saw the Raiders defense perform at a high level against the Chiefs. In my perspective, that should continue here against Gardner Minshew in order to pull off the upset.

The Jaguars are in awful shape and have lost four games in a row. Notwithstanding Bryce the improvement last week, Carolina isn’t a very good team. Trevor Lawrence’s well-being is vital in this situation.

The Jaguars will prevail in this game even without him to keep their lead in the AFC South standings.

The Rams are advancing quickly into the postseason, and Matt Stafford is performing at a high level once more.

Despite their offensive deficiencies, the Eagles’ defense will hold them in this game. Stafford will be somewhat slowed down by the blitz looks, but the Rams will still prevail.

The Eagles haven’t looked good all season, but the Cardinals, who are currently on a road trip, had trouble stopping the Chicago attack last week.

Having worked as the Eagles’ defensive coordinator prior to joining the squad, Cardinals coach Jonathan Gannon is acquainted with the team. However, it doesn’t appear to matter. Not only do the Eagles prevail, but Arizona is also going to score.