Prince William, one step closer to the Throne: the intra-history of his message against the Gaza war

The unusual statement from príncipe Guillermo in which he demands the cessation of the war in Gaza has already found a response from Israel, which appreciates “the call of the Prince of Wales for Hamas to release the hostages.” Behind this message, which breaks Buckingham's culture of silence and impartiality, there is a perfectly orchestrated movement, as royal analysts advance, according to Daily Mail. To all this, what does King Charles III say?

Phrases like “Too many people have died since the attacks carried out by Hamas on October 7 or “I am very concerned about the terrible human cost of the conflict in the Middle East”, echo in the editorial offices of the British press. The media has also reported the reaction of the Israeli Government spokesman, Eylon Levy, who has assured that Israel appreciates the prince's call “for Hamas to release the hostages” and remembers “with gratitude” his statement of condemnation. of terrorist attacks, according The Guardian.

Since King Charles III freed up his agenda to focus on his cancer treatment, William, due to his status as heir, has assumed a greater leading role. He questions himself Daily Mail if the monarch was aware of this unprecedented statement from his son. A doubt that the press has conveyed to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. This movement also shows us an active and very committed prince. One more step towards the Throne.

It so happens that this note was made public only a few hours before parliamentarians debated the Scottish National Party's measure that demands an immediate ceasefire even if the Israeli hostages have not been returned.