Jesulín de Ubrique and María José Campanario reappear in an important event for Toñi Moreno

Toñi Moreno This Tuesday in Seville, she presented her own serum in collaboration with an aesthetic brand. It was his first reappearance in a photocall after the great controversy that arose with the American tiktoker on Canal Sur and he was supported by some friends such as Jesulín de Ubrique y María José Campanario. They have been friends for years, but they have strengthened ties as a result of the participation of the presenter and the bullfighter in Masterchef Celebrity.

The right-handed man and the dentist, few in words, posed together and separately with their friend Toñi, who has launched a range of beauty products Con Alma Golden. Campanario took out of her closet a sophisticated two-piece of flowing pants and satin blazer in gray with bright floral details, which she combined with high-heeled sandals and a metallic Loewe bag. “She's pretty, she's pretty,” said Jesulín. The two are dedicated to taking care of little Hugo, who will turn two years old in June.

Toñi and Jesulín have always known each other, to the point that they even told on TVE's culinary program that they had a little flirtation: “My family didn't have a telephone and they called me at my neighbor's house and He said 'hello heifer'. I liked it,” she recalled.

Other famous friends such as the former soccer player also attended Moreno's presentation, who left little Lola at home. Joaquín Sánchez with his wife, Susana Saborido. It was the first appearance of the Betis legend and Antena 3 presenter after his final goodbye to his father, Aurelio Sanchez, who died on February 7. They were also Virginia Troconis, MarÃa José Suárez y Alejandra Osbornewho came in his father's place and dodged questions about Gabriela Guillén and the paternity lawsuit that he would have already filed against BertÃn.

Misson Maria del Monte and his wife, Immaculate Casal, two of Toñi±i's best friends. They preferred not to attend due to the complicated moment they are going through due to the entry into provisional prison of Antonio Tejadoaccused of being involved in the violent robbery that was perpetrated at the home of the singer, his aunt, last August. “She was invited, she told me she was coming, I haven't called her again, if she wants she will come and if not she won't come. That's what friends are for, to help each other, love each other a lot and understand everything”explained the Canal Sur presenter.

Regarding the queen of the Sevillians, she also commented: “I have been the journalist who has spoken with María every day and I have given less information. I am a friend of hers, I have called her to ask her how she is, It is affected and it is bad, no wonder. You all know her, you have never seen her so affected, She has asked us to help her get her life back and I think we have to do it.“.