Piqué, Shakira and the agreement for their children: what is true in the alleged clause on Clara Chía

Shakira and Piqué finally reached an agreement at the meeting they held last Monday. The Colombian singer takes her children to Miami. Piqué, already retired from football, will be able to fly whenever he wants to be with them. Alone or in the company of his twentysomething girlfriend, Clara Chía?

As for the details of the agreement, the former athlete’s lawyer, Ramón Tamborero, explains in Week that his client reached the agreement “solely motivated by the desire and need to spend quality time with their children”. He maintains that “for the time being she will travel continuously to Miami”, although “custody would automatically be shared” if she decided to move there.

In addition, Piqué will bear his expenses and those of his children when he is with them in Miami. The rest of the expenses related to the children will be shared in half. As for vacations, Piqué will enjoy 66% and Shakira the remaining 33%.

On the other hand, Piqué’s lawyer assures that the one from Barranquilla has not put any conditions on Clara Chía, the young woman for whom the former Blaugrana now drinks the winds: “Shakira has never wanted to include a clause that restricted the contact of his little ones with Gerard’s partner. The singer has definitely turned that page and understands that for the education of her children she must avoid conflicts”.

tense meeting

Although they reached an agreement, the meeting last Monday, held in the family home in Espulgues de Llobregat that they will now put up for sale, was not pleasant at all. So much so that the environment of the protagonists assures the same weekly that “the tension was chewed in the environment” and that the two “did not say a single word in the meeting, they did not even look at each other.”

In short, the 45-year-old artist and the 35-year-old former soccer player fought their hearts out for the good of their two children, 9-year-old Milan and 7-year-old Sasha: “They have done it for their children, but the distance between them continues to be abysmal”, they nuance. In short, they approached positions to avoid a possible “tortuous judicial process” for the little ones.