True to that rivalry between Barcelona and Espanyol that he has been feeding since his time in Barça youth football, Gerard Piqué never leaves anyone indifferent when it comes to talking about the parakeet club. On this occasion, in an interview with the youtuber Ibai Llanos, Piqué has recognized that this season he has been a loyal supporter of Espanyol and has mentally supported him to achieve the goal of promotion to First Division. “Espanyol is a main ingredient for the show, I've been wanting him to go up to First all year. I want to play in Espanyol's field”explained the central.

The controversies between Piqué and Espanyol are known. The center-back, who has heard insults at the RCDE Stadium and chants about Shakira (and a banner), never missed the opportunity to ironically about the “wonderful minority” or about “Espanyol de Cornellà”, phrases in his press conferences that also they have warmed up the last derbies. “Having him in Second is funny, they have gone down, but I want to go to the Espanyol field and that there are people. With all due respect, to visit club stadiums where there is no rivalry or anything … I prefer there to be pique“added the former Spanish international.

Next season the derby will be recovered and Piqué will be able to enjoy again on the field as he has always done since he began to train in Barça youth football. The player is part of the history of the RCDE Stadium as he made his debut in the 2009-10 season, the stadium's first year, and has played 12 games at the Blue and White Stadium in these seasons.

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