Piqué makes the decision not to denounce Shakira for the video of her children: the reasons

the march of Shakira and her children to Miami leaves some loose ends in Barcelona. Three days before leaving the Catalan capital with sasha and milanthe Colombian recorded a video clip singing with her children and that has had millions of views and raised a great controversy.

The recording was made in the family home where the Colombian had lived with Gerard Piqué and children and that is now for sale. The property belongs to a company shared by the singer and the ex-soccer player. In the background of the recording, you can see the moving boxes with the belongings that were going to be taken to the United States. Three days later, Shakira and her children left Catalonia for good.

Well, in those three days still in Barcelona, ​​Milan and Sasha were with their father, but they didn’t say a word to him about the “performance” they had starred in with their mother. So when Piqué found out about the video clip, with enormous repercussions on social networks and in the press, he got very angry and came to the conclusion that children fear their mother and that Shakira has her children under a great influence, where does not convey respect to his father, according to what they tell Informalia people close to the former player.

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The judge and the Barcelona Family Prosecutor expected Piqué to sue the singer for exposing the children in such an obvious way and violating their privacy. Nor did she notify Piqué that she intended to exhibit them to the world, also turning the scene into a business. But after a few days weighing her response, this Wednesday, Piqué has made the decision not to denounce Shakira so as not to mix the children again in another judicial mess. The athlete and now businessman maintains the trust placed in his lawyers Paola and Ramón Tamborero, responsible for his legal issues.

On June 2, with the end of the school year, Gerard Piqué will pick up his children in Miami to spend the corresponding summer vacation with them.

Shakira, who has a complicated personality, according to her own environment, fired her lawyer, Pilar Mañé, before leaving Barcelona. Mañé was the one who negotiated in front of Ramón and Paola Tamborero the laborious agreement for the custody of the children. Apparently, the Colombian and her lawyer have ended badly due to discrepancies between the singer. Pilar Mañé has not made this break public and she has spoken to the media about the subject of the video clip, although she no longer represented her former client.

On November 20, Shakira has an appointment at the Barcelona Court as a defendant in 6 tax offenses for defrauding the Treasury of 14.5 million euros. The Prosecutor asks for her 8 years and two months in prison. The singer has a new lawyer for this trial, since she also fired the previous two.