Piqué lashes out at the pro-Shakira paparazzi who is on his heels: “Stop drugs, cocaine is very bad”

The former Barcelona footballer is not kidding and this Friday Jordi Martina paparazzi who follows Gerard Piqué Already Shakira since the beginning of their relationship and who has sided with the Colombian after the separation, has wanted to make one through social networks: “My best friend is watching me,” he wrote along with a screenshot indicating that Piqué had seen his stories on Instagram. The aforementioned has responded with disdain: “Get off the drugs. Cocaine sucks.”

Piqué’s comment has unleashed a veritable tsunami of messages from users of the social network.

And it is that Jordi Martin has become a real headache for Piqué in recent months. The paparazzo, based in Barcelona, ​​has been following in his footsteps for a long time and has published several pieces of information about the parties he threw in Catalan in his bachelor flat, his visits to the VIP booths of well-known nightclubs or even his affair with a young lawyer before of the appearance of Clara Chia. Her messages are also forceful: “No wonder Shakira throws the whole world on you,” she told him a few days ago.